Review: MTV Flyp Café Starts Off On A Good Note

After wowing patrons in Delhi, Flyp Café’s Mumbai edition has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, everything goes to plan


If Charlie decided to convert his chocolate factory into a giant chain of restaurants, he couldn’t have done better than to be in Kamala Mills. Which is why it’s no surprise that MTV Flyp Café opened its doors a few weeks ago in the same locality. We went there for lunch to try the menu curated by Ranveer Brar. Read on to know how it went.


tandoori dhokla

We began our culinary journey to this multi-cuisine restaurant with kebabs. The Hara Bhara Kebab (INR 240) were succulent and delicious. These were followed by Pudina Seekh (INR 445) and Classic Paneer Tikka (INR 275); we felt that the Seekh needed a stronger chutney as an accompaniment while the paneer flavour in the latter was slightly overpowering. Thankfully, the accompaniment of a soup in the form of Kale White Chocolate and Mushroom Cappucino (INR 260) was so good and flavoursome that we almost forgot the smallish problems of the dishes.

Next up, we tried the Tandoori Dhokla (INR 295), a delicious combo that left us asking for more with its inventive curry leaf foam. Definitely try this when you’re at Flyp. We also had the Bhoot Jolokia Chicken Tikka (INR 325) that was surprisingly easy on the palate.

We also tried the Asian fare at Flyp and were pleased with the results overall. The Yangoon Bao (INR 325) had the right flavour of cheese and mushroom filling while the pork belly in Charsiu Bao (INR 345) kept us happy as well.

After all those mains, the idea of having main course seemed pretty daunting. However, the succulent lamb pieces in Nalli Nihari (INR 449) was too good to resist. Its Asian counterpart, Chicken with Chilli Garlic Rice (INR 375) worked effectively as well with the classic combination of rice and chicken done just right.

Having the dessert of Coconut Passion Tart (INR 275) was a triumphant moment in the end because of the fabulous overall tasting that we had all through a marathon three-hour lunch.


tandoori momos

Flyp Café is being positioned as a co-working place by day and gig space by night. The fusion works because of the enormous space the café occupies but its effectiveness remains to be seen. The idea is in its initial stages so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.


The service at Flyp was consistently good. We received detailed information for all our dishes and the staff were generally courteous with us. This augurs well for the establishment in the long run no doubt.


Based on our overall experience, we give Flyp four out of five stars.


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