5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Dhokla Recipe

Think dhokla served as a salad with fresh fruits or stuffed in mirchi!

Shraddha Varma

Think of Gujarati food and one of the first food items to come to mind is dhokla. The dhokla recipe makes use of a fermented batter of Bengal gram flour. This bright yellow, fluffy cake is a popular savoury snack. Dhokla is a delicious, light snack which is not too heavy on the stomach. It is even nutritionist-approved for snack time hunger. Delhi-based nutritionist Kavita Devgan says the dhokla recipe is one of her preferred snack recipe for when she’s strictly watching her calorie-intake. Low in calories and packed with proteins, dhokla makes for a healthy snack.

Make your own dhokla at home by following the easy steps in this recipe video of Khaman Dhokla Recipe. The classic dhokla has several variations too. Meanwhile, if you're planning to get creative with your regular dhokla recipe, we bring you 5 dhokla recipe ideas from the experts. Living Foodz chefs give the classic dhokla recipe their unique twist. With quick and easy steps, you can make this interesting dhokla recipe at home.

Melon Mango Dhokla Recipe

A refreshing take on Gujarat’s popular snack, this dhokla recipe turns the dhokla into a salad. Melon Mango Dhokla Salad from chef Ranveer Brar’s kitchen is a salad dish worth serving at festive parties. Chef Brar takes leftover pieces of dhokla and combines them with fresh fruits and herbs to make a salad. He first marinates the dhokla pieces in a mixture of raw mango, watermelon, mango pulp, mint leaves, salt and chilli powder. After setting it aside for 10 minutes, the celebrity chef stacks all the salad ingredients to make small towers. He then serves it on a bed of crushed roasted papad. For garnish, he uses some cherry tomatoes, mint chutney foam, and roasted papad. 

Mirch Dhokla Recipe

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Dhokla Recipe

Love stuffed chillies? Then this is the ‘it’ recipe for you. In this vegetarian recipe,
chef Ranveer Brar takes roasted bhavnagari chillies and stuffs them with a mildly spicy and tangy mixture. The mixture is made using Bengal gram flour, salt, turmeric powder, chopped red chillies, coriander and mint leaves, yogurt and asafetida. The stuffed chillies are then steamed for about 10 to 12 mins. This mirch dhokla recipe is best served with a simple radish chutney. For making this accompaniment, all one needs to do is mix some grated radish, black salt, and yogurt in a bowl. 

Green Peas Dhokla Recipe

Protein-rich and full of fibre, the Green Peas Dhokla Recipe is a healthier alternative to the traditional dhokla. This dhokla recipe can be prepared in less than 30 minutes if you have Bengal gram flour, some green peas, yogurt and some salt available in your kitchen. Chef Ranveer Brar serves this healthy snack with a salad made of red grapes, cherry tomatoes, green chillies, black olives, pine nuts and salt. 

Rajputana Dhokla Recipe

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Dhokla Recipe

Unlike other dhoklas on this list, the
Rajputana Dhokla Recipe doesn’t use fermented batter as its base. Instead, this dhokla is made by steaming a dough. The dough is made using maize flour, yogurt, sesame seeds, asafetida, lemon juice, crushed roasted papad and hot water. The dhokla is served with a simple moong dal that is cooked with water, salt, turmeric powder and red chilli powder. Once cooked, a tempering of mustard oil, sesame oil, cumin seeds and dry red chillies is added to the dal. 

Beetroot Dhokla Recipe

5 Ways To Get Creative With Your Dhokla Recipe

Calling all parents, if you’re struggling to feed your kids beetroot the usual way, try out this beetroot dhokla recipe. Another recipe from chef Brar’s kitchen, the Beetroot Dhokla is his humble attempt to give the traditional dhokla recipe a healthy twist. All he does is adds some beetroot paste (boiled), gram flour, and chopped coriander leaves into the dhokla batter. Once mixed well, he greases a square glass dish with some oil, pours the batter into it, and steams it for 10-15 minutes. To make the overall experience of eating this beetroot dhokla more interesting, chef Brar makes an accompaniment with French beans, sesame seeds, curry leaves, onions, green chillies and ginger-garlic.


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