Decoded: What’s On Jacqueline Fernandez’s Plate?

A sneak-peek into Jacqueline Fernandez’s Instagram page is proof that she shares her love for food with us, and we can’t keep calm!

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While fitness enthusiast Jacqueline Fernandez is known for her enviable hot bod, very few know about her love affair with food. When not busy trying out new workout routines, walking the red carpet or shooting for movies, this Bollywood actor is busy living life to the fullest by stuffing her face with all things food. This B-town celeb owns two restaurants, one back home in Colombo called Kaema Sutra, in collaboration with Sri Lankan celebrity chef Dharshan Munidasa and another one in Mumbai called Pali Thai along with restaurateur Mishali Sanghani. Do we need any more proof to understand how deep her love for food runs? We dug into Fernandez’s Instagram feed and what lies ahead is massive food porn. Proceed with caution.

The Sri Lankan beauty that she is, it ain’t no surprise to find Fernandez sipping on some coconut water and for all the right reasons. From helping you stay hydrated to blessing you with your daily dose of health and beauty – this nature’s drink does it all. (Click here to know more about the benefits of drinking coconut water) 

We don’t really need an excuse to eat some pizza, but if your diet is stopping you from grabbing a slice (or the whole pizza) today, here’s Fernandez to help you make a wise decision. Go treat yourself to some pizza, because you can always hit the gym later on! 

Nothing says cheat day better than some rich, decadent truffle pasta. This creamy pasta, also loaded with a host of health benefits – dietary fibre, proteins, magnesium, calcium, iron – is perfect for a meatless night. 

Fernandez shows us how to do breakfast, the most important meal of the day, right. Keeping it simple (and green), Fernandez starts her day on a healthy note with some avocado toast, matcha green tea and wheatgrass juice. This morning routine certainly must be the secret behind her radiant skin. 

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Fernandez doesn’t shy away from professing her love for pancakes. Topped with some fresh blueberries, not only do they make for a filling and scrumptious breakfast option, but also a too-hard-to-resist dessert. Guess who’s having pancakes for breakfast today? 

This picture is proof that Fernandez is just like us! Who says no to a plate full of croissants? Count us out! 

Addicted to coffee? Well, you’re not alone. Seek some comfort in Fernandez whose love for coffee runs just as deep as yours. Go get yourself that shot of caffeine right now! 

Don’t let late-night snacking ruin your plan to eat healthy. Say hello to Jacqueline-approved kale chips instead. Low in calories and a good source of other essential nutrients, snacking on these chips will make your waistline thank you. (Click here to read about the health benefits of kale)

Can’t stop yourself from snacking between meals? Fret not, you’re not alone. While snacking between meals helps curb hunger pangs so that you go easy on your next meal, it’s important that you do it right and in moderation. Take a cue from Jacqueline who sticks to dried fruits and some herbal tea. 

Looking for dairy-free coffee options? Jacqueline Fernandez knows the solution. This coconut milk latte not only helps vegans get their daily shot of caffeine but the coconut milk brings with it a host of health benefits like lowering cholesterol levels, improving blood pressure and preventing heart attacks. 

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Captioned “Last meal of the day! Dinner! Should always be eaten before 9pm as advised by my nutritionist!” Jacqueline gives us some healthy eating tips. Not stopping at just that, she suggests a simple and light dinner option – avocado sushi, miso soup along with edamame to help you up your health game. 

This Sri Lankan beauty never skips her breakfast. Instead, she believes in having a hearty and lavish spread. For the love of breakfast, here’s some much-needed breakfast inspo on getting right the first meal of the day. 

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We have enough evidence in pictures to prove that Jacqueline loves starting her day on a healthy note and this antioxidant-rich breakfast is just some more proof that Fernandez takes her breakfast seriously. The good news is that these alkalizing foods are also good for the skin and hair! 

If you’re wondering how can Fernandez be gorging on all these yummy foods and still manage to stay in such great shape, here’s how! She swears by wheatgrass juice, warm lemon water and green veggies to give her skin and hair a boost. 

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