Dahi vada – Dish Loved By Everyone

Healthy makeover to your classic Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla. Make this simple recipe at home and make everyone happy.


Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla is one popular chaat dish of India. Dahi Vada is generally prepared with urad dal fritters that are dipped in creamy yoghurt and garnished with spicy and sweet chutney and other spices to give it a spicy and flavorful taste. You must have this dish cold. Dahi vada is originated from the subcontinent region of India and is very popular across South Asia. The dish is very simple to make at home and is loved by everyone. It is made by soaking the vadas or fritters in the thick and creamy dahi. Dahi Bhalla is another name given to Dahi Vada and is served as the best tea time snack, side dish or as an appetizer with the meal. It is a very popular street snack and can be easily found on roadside stalls and high-end restaurants as well. The primary base of this food is Vada that is generally made from Urad dal and is also called as Medu Vada. To make this dish yummy, dip the fried vadas in water for some time till it gets soft and layer with chutney, yoghurt, and other spices. Preparation of Dahi Vada Urad lentils are washed and soaked whole night and then ground to form a batter for vada, and then cooked in the hot oil. These fried vadas are dipped in water for some time, and then they are transferred to the thick and creamy yoghurt or dahi and we get this delicious dish called Dahi Vada.. You need to soak these vadas for good amount of time just before serving dahi vada. Some people add golden raisins in the batter. Vadas are topped with mint and coriander leaves, red chilli powder, chaat masala, shredded coconut (optional), boondi, or pomegranate. In some places, like Gujarat and Maharashtra, sweeter curd is used, but the garnishing stays the same.


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