Crocodile Meat and Other Food Secrets of Ranbir Kapoor

From his go-to midnight snack to what he'd like his last meal to be

Shraddha Varma

In an industry in which everybody aspires to be a fitness icon, Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor, like a true Punjabi, doesn’t shy away from confessing his love for food. On the Sanju actor's birthday, we compile a list of food secrets he has shared so far that make us feel he is just like all of us.

All-time Favourites

In one of his interviews, Kapoor shared that many of his family’s food choices are influenced by their Peshawari background. A great example of this influence can be seen in his list of favourite foods which includes jungli mutton and paya. He recalls having a fondness for paya in childhood and ate the delicacy for breakfast.

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Ultimate Midnight Snack

When it comes to midnight snacks, Kapoor likes to keep it simple. “It can be some yogurt or peanut butter and toast," says the Kapoor scion.

Food Destinations

Ask him about his favourite destinations to indulge, and Kapoor reveals New York and Kashmir. “The kind of food that I’ve had in both these places, kind of caresses your soul,” he added.

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Street Food Game Strong

Like all of us, even this actor cannot resist good old street food. Like a true Mumbaikar, he is a proud patron of Mumbai's street food. At a promotional event, he told the media, “You can have the most expensive food in the world but the kind of street food that Mumbai offers you is amazing.” When asked to pick the top three street food items in the city, Kapoor happily said bhajiya pav, cheese sada dosa and dabeli. In fact, cheese sada dosa was one of his favourite junk foods as a kid. He loves pani puri too. So much, that when he's feeling down, there's nothing like pani puri to get the actor's spirits up. In a video interview, the actor confessed that he can eat about 55 to 60 puris in one sitting on a bad day!

Weirdest Meal

Crocodile meat! Yes, you read it right. When the actor visited Africa, he ate crocodile meat and much to everyone’s surprise, he liked it. “The meat is quite soft and it’s quite tasty too,” he said.

Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has a guilty pleasure whether it is fashion, music or food, and this Kapoor is no different. Although his trainer revealed that Kapoor prefers mutton over chicken, the Sanju actor, in multiple interviews, has admitted that he has a special corner for butter chicken in his heart. (Who doesn't?) In one of his interactions with the media, when he was asked about his guilty pleasures, without a second thought, Kapoor said butter chicken and kaali dal with naan. He keeps guilt aside when it comes to indulging in these food combinations. Though Kapoor is not the only celebrity who swears by butter chicken, these Bollywood stars love butter chicken too.

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Last Meal

If the Sanju actor gets the opportunity to decide the last meal of his life, it will be egg bhurji paratha. Interesting choice, we say.


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