Coronavirus Rained on Your Dinner Date?

Check out these 5 lip-smacking recipes that you can try your hand at with the COVID-19 lockdown

Shraddha Varma

Someone said that necessity is the mother of innovation. And sometimes, adversity is, too. Just look at the ingenuous ways in which people are learning to make use of the extra time at hand, freed up because of a countrywide lockdown on offices, educational institutions, restaurants and workplaces. From online self-care workshops to digital poetry reading and music performances, Coronavirus in India has motivated netizens to find creative ways to spend their time.

You can try your hand at a host of things to do during home quarantine, but we wanted to remind you – this is possibly a great time to get back in shape, take charge of what you eat, and maybe, don the chef’s hat?

Try out that elaborate recipe, give your grandmom’s best dish a shot and use this home quarantine time to whip up that fancy meal you always wanted to for your loved ones. Need some quick dinner recipes? Here are 5!

Julia Child’s Coq au Vin

American author and TV personality Julia Child’s Coq au Vin recipe - a traditional French main with chicken and mushrooms simmered in a rich red wine sauce – is popular, and arguably so. It can seem a tad daunting, but once you’ve checked out this recipe, you’ll see how easy it is.. On her show Rewind with Rakhee, chef Rakhee Vaswani simplifies it by tweaking the recipes and brings down the prep-and-cook time considerably. French dishes can be painfully time consuming, but this one takes an hour!

Narangi Ragi Mutton

If you’re craving something warm and filling, this recipe is perfect. Chef Gautam Mehrishi’s Narangi Ragi Mutton is a balanced and flavourful mutton stew comprising marinaded lamb shanks, onion, tomato, orange juice, garlic, spices, and prunes, all cooked together in the oven. When almost done, pour chef Mehrishi’s ragi (finger millet) mixture over it and let it cook for a bit longer. The final dish is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Mushroom and Feta Ravioli

Ravioli is intimidating, but not if you’ve got company, which you should be having now that everyone, including the kids, are stuck at home because of Coronavirus in India. Include them and this weekend, try making the prized pasta from scratch using chef Sabyasachi Gorai’s recipe. Gorai stuffs his ravioli with sliced mushrooms and feta, but you can also experiment with ricotta with herbs, beetroot and cashews, crab meat or chocolate. 

Kathal ki Biryani

Yes, the Coronavirus is a zoonotic virus, meaning that it can be transferred from non-human animals to humans. But no, eating meat and fish can’t give you COVID-19. Be that as it may, rumours are doing the rounds and as a result, jackfruit sales have reportedly shot up in some parts of India. Packed with nutrients, jackfruit is a tasty alternative for vegans, vegetarians and those looking to steer clear from meat and fish. Jackfruit also works like a wonder in biryani, and chef Ajay Chopra whips up a pretty good version. Fried jackfruit chunks are cooked in a tomato and onion gravy, along with spices and layered with rice flavoured with mint leaves, ginger juliennes and ghee. Cook it on dum  and voila!

If you want to make a vegan version of this biryani, substitute the yogurt with coconut milk yogurt, regular oil with coconut oil and ghee with a non-dairy butter.

Brazilian Pot Pie

This recipe by chef Shipra Khanna is the perfect Brazillian comfort food to replace the dal-chawal on your dinner table with. Creamy shredded chicken is flavoured with hot sauce, tomato sauce, black pepper and chopped parsley, and covered in a flaky homemade pie crust. Let the pie cook in the oven for about an hour for best results.

Just in case you’re not in the mood for chicken, you can also try the mushroom plate pie with whipped cream and pea shoots.

Now that you know where to begin, bookmark your favourite recipes. And when you’re trying these at home, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below how it turned out. 

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