Cooking with Coconut knows No Limits

From coconut water to coconut milk, the benefits of the nut are many.

Annabelle D’Costa

Coconut water makes for a naturally refreshing drink to help beat the summer heat. From helping improve your skin complexion to supporting heart health, coconut water is flush with health. The nut too has a host of benefits as it is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C and other nutrients such as iron, iodine and calcium. While you can eat coconut in its natural form, you can also add it to your appetisers, desserts, sides, smoothies and just about everything! Here are delicious ways to add the goodness of coconut – water, milk or the flesh – to your foods. 

Coconut and Carrot Lapsi

Perfect start to your busy day. Give an even healthier twist to your high-fibre lapsi, by sneaking in the goodness of coconut and carrot. Apart from being a weight-loss friendly food, carrots are also good for your eye health. A yummy excuse to never skip breakfast again! 

Cooking with Coconut knows No Limits

Thai Coconut Curry Rice

Bursting with flavours, this dish is super-easy to make and yum to taste. This recipe combines fluffy white rice with creamy coconut milk, warm curry spices and plenty of fresh vegetables - talk about one bowl dishes! For the recipe, click here

South-East Asian Melaka

This creamy dessert from South-East Asia will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Perfect end to a satisfying meal. What's best, this pudding is packed with the benefits of sago pearls aka tapioca, thereby promising health with every bite. 

Cooking with Coconut knows No Limits

Sweet Pancakes

Fluffy and tender pancakes that will leave you wanting more. Made with no added sugar or flour, this recipe is a must-try especially for the health conscious.  

Nariyal Malai Pulao

Easy to digest, a good source of fibre and amino acids, coconut malai is also a good source of other essential nutrients that your body will thank you for. This creamy pulao, starring this healthy ingredient, is the perfect (healthy) weekend recipe. 

Cooking with Coconut knows No Limits

Coconut Custard in Pumpkin

Soft, moist pumpkin combined with the sweetness and creaminess of coconut, baked into sweet deliciousness! Head here for more ways with pumpkin

Cooking with Coconut knows No Limits

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