Cocktails Get A Monsoon Makeover

The monsoon brings its own twist to every menu and the cocktails are no exception.

Revati Nargund

While some people may argue that sipping on a hot beverage is what people truly crave when the rain is pelting down, however, there is a different kind of magic in sipping on a delicious cocktail that packs a punch. Monsoon cocktails may not be the belle of the ball when it comes to the variety of classic and modern cocktails. But quirky ingredients, a drink can be given a refreshing twist in this damp weather.

Mixologists are pushing the envelope of new flavours, experimenting with unusual ingredients to create different cocktails for monsoon. Getting your hands on a few of these will rev you up and get you going!

Thai Spritz at Nara Thai, Mumbai

Thai Spritz is a cocktail that is infused with the rich Thai flavour of lemongrass, gin being the base spirit and martini extra dry being added to it. It is laced with notes of green apple that compose the sweet element while hints of fresh mint balance the drink. The cocktail is finally topped with Prosecco and a quick spray of rose water for an exotic touch. The cocktail is then garnished with a green apple fan.  

Price: INR 695 (plus taxes)

Fig Mojito at Oi, Mumbai

Fig infused white rum is mixed with lime juice, mint leaves, lime wedges on crushed ice is the perfect antidote to a dull, boring overcast skies. The drink is refreshing, spicy and the mint leaf adds a tinge of flavour. The figs are left in the rum for five hours to infuse ensuring that the flavour of the fruit is at the core of the cocktail. Not only is this drink flavourful, refreshing and will keep your spirits high (figuratively and literally!)
Price: INR 375 (plus taxes)

Thandai Mule at Hakkasan, Mumbai

The crushed ice atop this long drink is inspired by the infamous first Mumbai rain. ‘Thandai’, which literally means cool, is widely consumed drink in India full nourishment such as nuts, aromatic spices making it apt for this rainy weather. This cocktail at Hakkasan uses components of a Thandai such as cashew, almonds, melon seeds, pistachio, and spice like peppercorn, rose petals and fennel seeds that add an aromatic essence. Topped with thandai syrup, fresh pomegranate juice, tangy Mexican lime and soda, the drink is garnished with bay leaves and a ghilli mitti or petrichor spray to enhance the experience. The thandai syrup adds the zing and makes the cocktail a heady mix.
Price: INR 375 (plus taxes)

Rum Toddy at Salt Water Café, Mumbai

A concoction of dark rum, honey, spices and hot water in a glass, the drink is exactly what you need on a cold rainy day. We have been accustomed to hearing the benefits of rum in curing a cold and getting a shot of this hot drink will set your week straight.
Price: INR 550 (plus taxes)


Burnt Pleasure at Teddy Boy, Delhi

Made using smoked bourbon, orange, mace and cinnamon bitters, this cocktail is a flavourful one. The orange adds freshness while mace gives a nutty aroma with hints of lemony sweetness. This is one drink that packs a punch and is guaranteed to keep your monsoon blues away.
Price: INR 495 (plus taxes)

Tequila Overcast at Smokehouse Deli, Mumbai

As the rains come pouring down here are some intriguing cocktailmenu this monsoon with seasonal fruits and spirits. The menu has 6 variations that can appeal to your taste buds this season. The menu features spiced up cocktails made with warm ingredients just perfect for the season. Sample drinks like Tequila Overcast - a heady blend of Tequila, Lime Juice, Celery Salt, Tomato Juice, Tobasco.  Apart from the Baileys Hot Chocolate to indulge your sweet tooth as well as  the Smoked Gin and Tonic, the Tequila Overcast is a drink we recommend to get your hands on this season.    

The Sunrise at Marriott, Bengaluru

With tequila as the base, you are all set to welcome the weekend and get the perfect dose you need. Not only is the drink refreshing because of the various juices that get mixed with the heady tequila and triple sec combination, it is also the perfect monsoon cocktail.


60 ml Tequila

30 ml Cointreau/Triple Sec

60 ml Orange Juice

60 ml Pineapple Juice

10 ml Grenadine syrup


  • Pour all the spirits together into a tall glass filled with ice.
  • Stir till everything chills through.
  •  Serve chilled

The Todze at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel

Imagine a drink with spices like the cardamom, star anise, cloves and cinnamon, served chilled with a shot of honey and hot water. The perfect ingredients for the monsoon, a good brandy and hot water will cure a cold or even clear up your throat and create warmth inside the body.


15 ml Jim Beam

30 ml Cognac

10 ml Honey

150 ml Spice infused hot water

Spices - cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, clove


  • Shake Jim Beam, cognac and honey
  • Pour the mixture in a glass
  • Top up with spice-infused hot water
  • Garnish it with a burnt cinnamon stick, serve it hot

The Guntur Paloma at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course

A long spicy refreshing drink using local Guntur chillies, which is also one of the spiciest in the region. The drink blends the robust flavours of the tropical grapefruit, the zest of lemons and a final punch of the spice by rimming the glass with Guntur Chilli Salt.


30 ml Tequila

100 ml Grapefruit juice

15 ml Guntur chili syrup

10 ml Lemon juice

Guntur Chilli Salt Rim


Pour all the liquid ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Shake well with a dash of club soda and pour it out into a glass rimmed with Guntur chilli salt.

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