CinCin Offers an Italian Feast that Seafood Lovers Can't Refuse

The Italian restaurant in Mumbai has launched a special seafood menu

Shraddha Varma

After making headlines for its recently-launched house wine CinCin Rosso in December 2018, which was created by the folks at Vallonne Vineyards, CinCin is the talk of the town once again. This time for its special seafood menu. Starting January 25, 2019, the casual dining space located in Mumbai’s corporate hub Bandra Kurla Complex is serving a special seafood menu called Feast of the 7 Dishes for lunch and dinner. So, you can expect even more of CinCin’s trademark Italian fancy and flair. “The dishes in this menu draw inspiration from the location, culture and weather – spring, in particular – at the Amalfi Coast in Italy,” informs Daya Singh, the resident chef at CinCin. The month-long special menu features seven types of seafood – prawns, squid, red snapper, mussels, sea bass, scallops and anchovies. The menu also features avocados and spring-time favourite artichokes.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

The menu is inspired by ‘Feast of the Seven Fishes’, a grand seafood meal which is part of an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition. The legend goes that the tradition started in southern Italy, which is known for its seafood, and later reached America thanks to immigration between 1880 and 1924. Before the reforms of the 1960s, December 24 was considered a day of fasting. People observing the fast could break it in the evening; however, abstain from eating meat (flesh) in honour of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his flesh. Seafood, then, was like an obvious solution.

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Uninterrupted Festivities

Christmas is long gone so why now? Chef Singh explains, “Although the festive season has ended, the atmosphere is still so festive and fun. So we decided to present the new menu right now.” Since no Italian feast is complete without pasta, CinCin is serving Fettuccine Zafferano, a simple saffron-infused pasta as well. “This fettuccine pasta works the best with seafood. Its flavour doesn’t overpower that of the seafood,” adds the chef. While the pasta is hand-rolled at the eatery and most of the seafood is locally sourced, the other ingredients for Feast of the Seven Dishes are coming in from different parts of the world like New Zealand, Canada and Thailand.

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Chef's Pick

When asked to pick his favourite from the special seafood menu, chef Singh says, “The jumbo prawns with artichokes is one of my favourites. The seafood is marinated with fresh herbs such as oregano, marjoram, thyme and dill and then grilled to perfection, so the guests will be treated to prawns that are succulent and packed with flavour.” Chef Singh continues, “What takes the dish to the next level is the grilled artichoke and mint puree which is one of Italy’s favourite dipping sauces.” The best way to sum up this grand meal is with a glass or two of GH Mumm Champagne.

The Feast of the 7 Dishes menu is available at CinCin, BKC, for lunch and dinner until February 28, 2019.


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