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Chole Bhature is one most popular street food served in various parts of the country. Chole is tangy curry made from white chickpeas while Bhatura is the deep-fried bread. A part of popular Punjabi cuisine, Chole Bhature can be generally consumed in the breakfast or lunch along with onions, Lassi, Pickle and green chutney. Comes in Different Varieties Paneer Bhatura and Aloo Bhatura are the highly popular varieties of Bhature that are also served with the chickpeas cooked in the gravy of tomatoes, garlic, and onions along with indigenous spices. The combination of Chole Bhature is just amazing. Health Benefits Chickpeas have low-fat content and high dietary fibre. It’s the rich source of minerals and vitamins. Chickpeas will help to improve intestinal health, control weight, and reduce the risk of diabetes. Chickpea is an essential source of Vitamin C and E, beta-carotene & other antioxidants. These are some amazing benefits of Chole Bhature that you must know before you make it the next time. Zero Oil Preparation Zero oil Chole Bhature is very healthy, low on calories, fat and yet very delicious. Generally, Bhatura is made with yoghurt and refined flour (maida). The entire fermentation procedure takes between two to four hours. You can avoid this by using bread that has the natural yeast in it since it helps in faster fermentation and Bhatura will be rolled in half an hour. The Bhaturas made from the bread that has the natural yeast in it turns out to be very crispy and won’t absorb much oil or become chewy on turning cold. Another substitute is using whole wheat flour to the high fattening version. Final Thoughts So, if you are worried that this is one most unhealthy food, then stop worrying. You can easily make the healthy chole bhature at home and make a better choice


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