Chicken 65 for the Ultimate Chicken Dinner

South India’s pride, chicken 65, can now be an everyday affair at your home

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South India's love affair with its chicken recipes is not unknown. From fiery chicken fries soaked in the goodness of coconut oil to the more robust and traditional curries, often topped with flavourful curry leaves, the way the south treats its chicken recipes is indeed a sight to behold. Of all the chicken recipes, the chicken 65 recipe deserves a special mention, thanks to its many variations available in the southern part of the country alone. Typically made by frying batter-coated pieces of chicken, this dish is available in both boneless and bone-in chicken variations, making it an ever-so delectable dish.

The origin of this all-time fave is debatable and opinions are divided. However, the most popular theory states that the chicken 65 recipe was first prepared way back in 1965. It was made by AM Buhari in Tamil Nadu and went on make a place for itself on the menu of Buhari Hotel, a fine dining restaurant in Chennai. Accompanying it were other chicken recipes such as Chicken 78 and Chicken 82, and the still popular Chicken 90. Another school of thought believes that the Chicken 65 recipe was made using 65 spicy chillies, hence the name. Yet another account suggests that this chicken dish made for a quick meal solution for Indian soldiers back in 1965. Some even say that the chicken 65 was named so because the chicken was cut 65 times and another belief is that the marinade might’ve taken about 65 days to prepare. While the jury is still out on its origin, you can relish this yummy chicken dish from the comfort of your home.

Chicken 65 Recipe

Looking for a quick and easy chicken starter recipe? Chicken 65 makes for the perfect crowd-pleaser. What's best, if you have one pan and 30 minutes, this chicken dish could be the perfect dinner option for you.

Watch this recipe video to learn how to ace the chicken 65 recipe:
Chicken 65 for the Ultimate Chicken Dinner

Click here for the step-by-step chicken 65 recipe.

Restaurant-style Chicken 65 Recipe
To make the chicken 65 recipe like the experts, check out this chicken 65 recipe by Chef Amit Bajaj, head chef at the Foodlink chain of restaurants. The chef also tells you how to turn the chicken 65 recipe into a gravy-based dish to turn the chicken dish from a starter to a main course meal.

Variations of Chicken 65 Recipe

In the Hyderabadi version of the chicken 65 recipe, after deep frying, the chicken pieces are added to a yoghurt mixture and then seasoned with a dash of lemon juice. This makes it taste slightly sourer than the usual chicken 65 recipe. In Kerala, vinegar and lemon wedges are used as souring agents to enhance the flavour of the meat. The vegetarian variations of the chicken 65 recipe substitute chicken with alternate vegetarian ingredients like paneer, cauliflower and mushrooms.

In case you’re feeling experimental, you could also give the authentic chicken 65 recipe a fusion twist. Chef Rakhee Vaswani shows you to make chicken 65 tarts. This unique starter will be perfect to wow your guests at the next house party.

More Ways to Cook Chicken Recipes

Chicken delicacies are always a crowd pleaser, whether the chicken in question is in the form of a starter or main course. And now that you’ve mastered both, the dry and gravy-based chicken 65 recipes, along with its regional variations, it is time you expand our horizons and learn the many other ways in which you can cook the oh-so-versatile chicken at home. From roasting it to serve up a nice, succulent and juicy meat dish to sautéing it in a pan with basic spices or sauces, grilling it, braising it or just coating it in a thick batter and frying into crispy golden delights, here’s how you can make the most of this meat. Apart from that, here are some spice mix combinations to help you savour a new chicken dish all day, every day.

More South Indian Recipes

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