Cheatsheet for a Quick Kitchen Upgrade

Here's are some easy hacks to add some colour and vibrancy to your kitchen, that too without breaking a bank!

Joyoti Mahanta

Clothing lines have been launched keeping these colours in focus. These hues have also stocked makeup shelves. Rose Quartz and Serenity, a warmer rose tone and a cooler tranquil blue respectively, Pantone’s colours have now found their way into your kitchen too. You don’t have to renovate or splurge, these simple DIY tricks require minimum commitment, but are bang on trend.

Colour Coding

Inject some colour. If your kitchen is mostly white and woodwork, then an addition of coloured chairs or lamp shades can create the right impact and give it an aesthetic and rustic feel.

Decor Hacks

Tired of looking at the same kitchen décor year after year? What if we told you that you can revamp your kitchen every year by simply painting the kitchen cabinets with the Pantone colours of the year. They are not too overwhelming and will inject a touch of modernity into the pantry. Best part: both shades blend with every hue of countertop.

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Quick Upgrades

They say that if you’re bored, get a haircut. But that’ll just grow back. But how about a new dinner set? Pastel colours have a calming effect, so whether you are drinking a cup of tea or having supper, you’ll feel relaxed with your new mugs and plates, and it’s a welcome change from your regular white dinnerware.

Shopping List

Kitchen appliance companies are updated with colour trends as well, as many are offering products based on the annual Pantone heroes. Ovens, dishwashers, stoves, chimneys, mixer-blenders and racks are all available in these colours.

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Budget Tips

If you are afraid of the commitment, then why not opt for coloured towels, napkins or an apron? These are inexpensive and should be changed every few months anyway.

Just Do It

Don’t wait till Diwali for a paint job. Serenity or Rose Quartz are versatile enough to grace the walls of your kitchen. It isn’t anything groundbreaking, but these subtle hues can have a calming effect every time you set foot into the kitchen. 


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