Cham Cham – Must Try Sweet from West Bengal

A sweet dish from West Bengal Cham Cham is made from chenna, know how can you make a delectable Cham Cham and can get a good texture at home with some easy steps


Cham Cham (or Chom Chom) made with dry fruits and mawa stuffed in an oval-shaped mithai, is made in the same way as rasgulla. Cham Cham is the Bengali sweet prepared by curdling of milk and making different shapes that can be either cylindrical shapes or any other shape you desire. Cham Cham is cooked in the sugar syrup very much like rasgullas and gives a soft and light texture. You can garnish Cham Cham with dry fruits, mawa and coconut. Can I make good Cham Cham at home?

Yes, it is not rocket science though; I will share some tips that will help you make Cham Cham at home. Make sure you take good quality of milk, knead your chenna (Chenna is crumbled, slightly moist curd cheese and paneer is chenna pressed into a cake) nicely, and cook it properly in the sugar syrup. Always remember when you are making Cham Cham at home, use only full cream milk. Low-fat milk, toned milk, and skimmed milk are generally not suitable for this recipe. How to get a good texture? Getting the right moisture is the key to making your Cham Cham soft and fluffy, similar to Rasmalai and Rasgulla. While making Chenna, make sure that the moisture is appropriate. Too little moisture can make Chenna very dense and shrunk and too much of moisture will not give good binding, and your Cham Cham will break in the sugar syrup. Another important thing to keep in mind after the Chenna gets ready is that once you remove the Chenna from the muslin cloth, make sure there is no moisture left, or you can hang the cloth for little more time. But there is nothing to worry if moisture is a bit high, you can add corn flour or maida in your chenna to remove the moisture. So, you need to keep these little things in mind when you are planning to make Cham Cham at home.


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