Celebrate Pi Day With These Easy-To-Make Pies

Whether you’re a math genius or baking maven, we’ve come up with just the perfect recipes to help you celebrate ‘Pi Day’, and everyone is invited to this pie party!

Annabelle D’Costa

Today, March the 14th marks the thirtieth anniversary of the mathematical constant π, which represents a constant— the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. You don’t need to be a math genius to guess why we celebrate Pi Day today. Well, if you slept your way through geometry lessons in school, it may take quite a few guesses. To save you the trouble - it’s because the first two digits of pi are 3.14. Get it now? The pun then works especially well given that pies too are round – our kinda circles of happiness. 

And what better way to celebrate Pi Day other than with a slice of pie (or a whole, no one’s judging). Whether you look forward to celebrating with savoury or sweet pies-- or both-- we've got you covered with these delicious and easy-to-follow recipes. Put on your aprons and get baking.  

Bacon & Cheese Pie


Cheese and bacon - a match made in heaven! 

Celebrate Pi Day With These Easy-To-Make Pies

Fillo Meat Pie    

Comfort food at it's best. 

Celebrate Pi Day With These Easy-To-Make Pies

Mini Apple Pie   

Indulge your sweet tooth with this pie, and thank us later!

Celebrate Pi Day With These Easy-To-Make Pies

Orange & Cranberry Pie    

Don't know what to do with your oranges?

For the recipe, click here

Chicken Farmers Pie   


Even your little ones will love this hearty dish, we promise. 

For the recipe, click here 

Banoffee Banana Pie    

Banana and Toffee - the best of both worlds! 

For the complete recipe, click here 

Pan Grilled Chicken Pie 

This easy chicken pie recipe is dead simple and can be knocked up in no time at all.

For the recipe, click here


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