Butter Chicken Is Bae, Not Just Us, For These Celebs Too!

Even the stars cannot resist creamy and delicious butter chicken.

Shraddha Varma

As much as we love to be privy to the inside stories of Bollywood by checking out celebrities on social media, ogling the red carpet, or dreaming about their larger-than-life lives, sometimes it is a relief to see these A-listers behave like the common man. One of our favourite ways to relate to stars is through their love for food. Social media has made it so much simpler to see (read stalk) exactly what they’re cooking/eating for dinner and which dishes make them go weak in the knees. We came across several Bollywood stars who have pledged unwavering allegiance to butter chicken.

Butter chicken—succulent roasted chicken pieces wrapped in an unctuous sauce of tomatoes and aromatic spices, this main course dish is a culinary superstar that tickles the taste buds of Indian food lovers across the globe. Here’s a list of Bollywood stars who love butter chicken.

Ranbir Kapoor

Kapoor’s fitness trainer Kunal Gir had revealed in 2017 that the Sanju actor prefers lamb and mutton over chicken. However, the Sanju actor in multiple interviews has admitted that he has a special corner in his heart for butter chicken. In fact, in one of the interactions, Kapoor said that butter chicken, naan, and kaali dal are his guilty pleasure. These items are his go-to on a bad day.

Nargis Fakhri

The half-Pakistani, half-Czech actor mostly prefers vegetarian food, but there are days when she binges on meat and fish. Her guilty indulgences include butter chicken, dal gosht, and samosas. Speaking to a leading entertainment magazine, the actress had said: “I won’t lie about having butter chicken three days in a row. I just love the dish, I can’t get enough of it.”

Shah Rukh Khan

While we haven’t really heard King Khan talk about his favourite dishes much, it was in an interview with an online food portal where his wife Gauri Khan revealed that one food item he can’t live without--chicken. She said that SRK loves chicken in any and every form, from butter chicken to roast chicken, he truly loves this food item.


In a candid conversation with a leading portal, Prabhas shared that he is a true-blue foodie at heart. In fact, the food industry, not film, was his first choice of career as a child. Becoming an actor was a spontaneous decision, he said. In the same interview, the Baahubali actor revealed that he can’t resist butter chicken and, if not an actor, he’d be a 140-kilo butter chicken-bingeing hotelier.”

Diana Penty

Although Penty is a sucker for Japanese and Chinese food, the Parmanu actress also loves her aloo paratha, butter chicken, and biryani. When asked what importance food has on her life, she told an English daily: “I find happiness in food. If I am having a terrible day, I am like I will get a really good lunch today and then I’ll be happy.”

Abhay Deol

Deol may not be your stereotypical ‘hero’, but the man sure has a charismatic personality that makes most people swoon. In an interview with a leading daily, the actor had revealed that butter chicken with naan is his favourite drink-time food. Apart from this, he loves Italian food with wine, and a long list of desserts from across the globe. His favourite dessert; however, is tiramisu.

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