Butter Chicken, Cheese Naan & Desserts with B-townie Amyra Dastur

She has a severe dislike for onions

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Her Instagram feed may tell you otherwise, but Mr X actress Amyra Dastur's lifestyle indicates that she is a true-blue food lover. However, it’s her profession that motivates her to maintain a balance and not go overboard with the calories.

In an exclusive chat with LF, Dastur shares with us her love for cheese, what her daily meals look like, childhood memories of food, and more.

Scroll on and get to know Amyra Dastur's diet plan and more.

Breakfast Diaries

I start my mornings with 500 ml of cold water. 
I usually eat a piece of gluten-free toast, egg whites omelette (three eggs) with chopped green chillies, tomatoes, and coriander. This is accompanied by a cup of strong coffee made with honey and milk powder.

What My Lunch/Dinner Looks Like

Lunch and dinner are the same—½ bowl of yellow dal, two bowls of sabzi/salad, and grilled chicken or fish. The veggie bowl can be anything from aloo bhindi to sweet potatoes and carrots, stir-fried broccoli and mushrooms, and quinoa with mixed veggies. 

Snack Attack

An egg white omelette, a cup of curd with pomegranate, cereal with almond milk, a bowl of fresh fruits, oats with a quarter cup of chocolate whey protein—it can be anything from this list. And, if I need some extra energy, I keep dark chocolate handy and eat two-three pieces. Also, throughout the day, I ensure to drink vegetable and fruit juices such as kale + cucumber + watermelon or apple + kale + tomato.

Any Strong Likes or Dislikes?

I CAN’T mix sweet and savoury. All my meals need to be spicy, and my desserts, sweet. Apart from this, I have a strong dislike for onions. However, if it is properly ground or mashed into a dish, I don’t mind it.

Do You Follow a Certain Diet?

Not really. I keep my meals balanced with both, carbohydrates and proteins, but I don’t focus on counting calories. In our industry, it is not easy to follow a diet—not for me at least—thanks to the erratic shoot schedules. I’m just consciously substituting certain foods. I’m trying to give up dairy products. So far, I’ve stopped drinking milk. Instead, I go for almond milk, soy milk, or milk powder. Also, I prefer consuming foods that are gluten-free. I’ve cut out rice from the daily diet—I only eat it once or twice a month, if at all I crave for it.


Poison/Guilty pleasure: Cheese! Although I’m trying to stay away from dairy products, cheese is something that I’m finding difficult to give up on. I can binge-eat any dishes with cheese. Pizza, burgers, and cheese naan with dal makhani/murgh makhani are my favourites!

Favourite desserts:

I’ll eat anything that has chocolate or candy. However, I can’t stand nuts, mint, or coconut in it.

Favourite ghar ka khana:

Prawn curry! My mother has taught our cook, Mary, the family recipe of prawn curry. So, every time I visit my parents, she always has it ready. In fact, this dish is a family favourite. It is served at all our family get together and dinner parties.

Childhood memories of food:

I fondly remember meals with my family and relatives, where we’d eat home-cooked Parsi food such as patraani machchi, dhanshak chawal, prawn kebabs, papeta par edu and, of course, prawn curry.

Favourite street food:

So, I have different street foods in different cities. In Delhi, I love the golgappas at Bengali Market; while in Mumbai, I love the samosas. In Hyderabad, they have amazing chicken biryani, and, in Lucknow, lip-smacking chicken kebabs.

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Favourite restaurants in Mumbai:

Royal China (Churchgate), Kofuku (Bandra), Kitchen Garden (Bandra) – specifically for their avocado sandwich in sourdough bread, Swati Snacks. I even like Trattoria (Cuffe Parade), it is where my school friends and I would go to eat when the clubs shut and we needed food.

For desserts, Theobroma is one of my favourite places to order dessert from. Funny story: Kamal Messman, founder of Theobroma, lives on the second floor of my parents' building (where I stayed until two years ago). Before she opened the bakery, my brother and I would be down there sampling EVERYTHING she’d offer us. In fact, that is how I developed my love for desserts.

Cheat day meal:

Cheese naan with murgh makhani (butter chicken) or dal makhani. Sometimes, I even crave for a pizza from Francesco’s Pizza and a KFC zinger burger. Oh, and Philadelphia Cheese Cake from Theobroma with a lemon tart.

One thing that’s always in her fridge:

There are three—gluten-free bread, cold-pressed juices, and dark chocolate.  

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Image courtesy: Amyra Dastur


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