But First, Coffee Flavours That Will Blow Your Mind

Make way for these new and quirky flavours if you are a true coffee addict.

Revati Nargund

There are things that only a true caffeine lover will ever understand! There's more to wake up and smell the coffee than just a morning wake-up call. It is an experience that a perfectly brewed cup of hot coffee brings with its flavour, aroma and body. It inspires, energises and gives you the feels that you can take on the whole world with a cuppa in your hand. This experience is now giving way to a slew of new offbeat and millennial flavours that are hitting cafe menus across the country.

We make the daunting task of picking the right coffee that is just perfect for your current state of mind easy with our list of bestselling flavours, so ditch the regular latte and cappuccino, and give these a shot. 

 Cherry Latte 

Image Courtesy: Aromas Cafe

Fruit flavoured lattes have indeed the talk of the town. Abdul Khan, Business Manager at Aromas Café says, “An increasing number of people prefer hazelnut, cinnamon or caramel flavoured latte over a regular one and that prompted us to initiate newer flavours. Fruit based flavours such as cherry, raspberry and chocolate or spice flavours with vanilla or pumpkin have seen a tremendous response." Topped with pretty latte art, this is the perfect pick me up when you are feeling meh.  

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Rose Cappuccino 

Image Courtesy: Coffee By Di Bella

Looking for a luscious fuzzy cuppa? Try out the Spanish latte by Coffee by Di Bella if you love 'em chocolate and caramel. According to Rahul Leekha, Director, Coffee By Di Bella, flavoured syrups added to coffee are the new rage. “The Rose Cappuccino with dried rose petals and the Spanish Latte are some of our bestselling coffees.”  We also created Gold Cappuccino and Diamond Cappuccino with edible gold and silver dust, that made for perfect Instagram-worthy  pictures. Considering that women enjoy our coffee, we wanted to bring something glamorous, fun and quirky to the menu to definitely spark their interest.” 

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Tropical Coconut 

Image Courtesy: TGL Co.

If you are a fan of coconut, imagine an entire French press filled with hot coconut flavoured coffee. And if coconut is too out there a flavour for you, TGL Co. (The Good Life Company) also has flavours like Orange Fantasy, Cardamom Crush or the quintessential Vanilla Swirl. Founders—Bhuman Dani and Shariq Ashraf—who reveal the philosophy behind brewing coffees, say, “Some coffee beans are sprayed with flavours before brewing, while others are flavoured post the brew. We also add syrups, however, that doesn’t enhance the flavours as much as required. At TGL Co, we spray our beans with flavours prior to the brewing process and that is what brings out the authentic flavours in our coffees.” 

While flavoured coffees are not as popular in south India where filter coffee is still the staple beverage for coffee connoisseurs, the duo explain that people from north India are more open to experimenting, and flavours such as cardamom or vanilla tend to work well.

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Butterfly Pea Lemonande Cold Brew 

Image Courtesy: Starbucks

Say hello to a colourful cold brew that changes colours, made using the current global obsession ‘butterfly pea flower tea’, equal parts lemonade and Starbucks’ cold brew coffee. Talk about having quirky flavours, the dried blue-hued blossom is mixed with water, giving the drink its distinctive colour and personality. The Citrus Cold Brew is another flavoured iced coffee that is a huge favourite at Starbucks. What more? Opt for a dark caramel coffee frappe or a mocha cookie crumble instead of just a regular iced frappe, you know who the clear winner is! 

Vegan Vietnamese Iced Latte 

Image Courtesy: KC Roasters

We have got you covered if you love cold lattes with the Vegan Vietnamese Iced Latte from KC Roasters. A cold brew that is shaken with condensed coconut milk and soy milk, this dairy free version works well with vegans and if you are lactose intolerant. The Maple Walnut Iced Latte is another variation of flavoured lattes served at the two outlets of KC Roasters in Mumbai, which got us thinking and craving a yum flavoured coffee already.

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