Breaking Bread With Chambal’s Dons

Former dons from Chambal and an encounter specialist from Madhya Pradesh sat down for dinner. Here’s what happened next


We’ve all seen Hindi movies where convicts eat unappetizing socially-cooked food while police officers enjoy all the dishes they can get their hands on. But in a case of truth being stranger than fiction, we saw a few ex-dons from Chambal sit down for dinner along with an encounter specialist from the region.

Let’s get to know just one of these (in)famous dons. Ramesh Singh Sikarwar and his gang of 32 bandits operated in the Sheopur region of Chambal Valley during the Sholay-inspired era of the ‘70s and ‘80s. Sikarwar was pardoned in 1984 by the then Chief Minister and formally gave up his life as a dacoit. At the time of his surrender, he was responsible for approximately 29 robberies, over 100 kidnappings and 52 murders. While on one hand we had a dangerous don and his gang, on the other hand we had courageous Ashok Bhadoriya, an encounter specialist with the Madhya Pradesh Police force, who has gunned down 116 bandits.

Dahi Jalebi

The unlikely combination, along with host Doctor VC, gathered at antiSOCIAL in Mumbai for a food web series called Dinner With The Dons commissioned by 101India. The ensuing discussion took the guests on a journey of their lives, their experiences and their stories that left them with thoughts to reflect upon their own lives.

For dinner, the chain restaurant created a Chambal special menu. It was especially curated by Chef Glyston Gracias at the restaurant as per the dons’ and encounter specialist’s favourite dishes from the Chambal region. The highlights for the night included Daal Bhati, Laal Maas, Mutton Khichda, Bedmi Poori Aloo, Magic Chicken Kebab, and for dessert Dahi Jalebi and Churma.

In the end, all we could say was, Don Appetit!

Image courtesy: 101 India


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