Bottoms Up! 5 Ridiculously Fun Drinking Games that aren’t Beer Pong

Enjoy responsibly!

Shraddha Varma

There are a few primary prerequisites when hosting a house party—right music food, and booze. But wait, what do you do when you have all this sorted but your house party’s still not buzzing? Well, gather your friends and get ready for your fill of merrymaking!

Challenge them to participate in one of these (or all) adult drinking games, suggested by party experts (attendees, hosts, and professionals), and watch your soiree go from meh to yay in no time.


Flip Cup

“Flip cup is a great game to break the ice (pun intended) and pump up some energy to your party.     It’s best played in the early on the evening,” shares Ruchi Kedia, partner at Hop Skip and a Party, a Mumbai-based party planning company.

Divide your guests into two teams and make them stand on opposites sides of a table.
Depending on how many people each team has, place plastic or paper cups full of booze on both ends of the table. 
Each team member, in turns, must drink and flip their cup by flicking it with his or her fingers.
The task here is to ensure the cup lands face down on the table. The team which finished first, wins the game. 

You need:

Paper/plastic cups, a drink of your choice, and a flat surface

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2. The Photographer

Pune-based IT Analyst Jyoti Bakliwal and a serial party host swears by ‘The Photographer’, one of the most exciting part game ideas she came across a couple of years ago on the internet. This one works perfectly for when you have no card or board games handy, she says.  

Ask her how to play this one and she explains, at the beginning of the get together, designate someone to be the ‘photographer’.
“He or she will click photos through the night, as they see fit, and anyone who isn’t in the frame has to take a shot,” she exclaims.

The Photographer doesn’t just force camera shy people to get into the frame, but also results in some great pictures of the evening. Bakliwal suggests you can randomly designate different people throughout the night to be the ‘photographer’, in case you don’t want to stick to one and enjoy this fun party game.

You need

: A smart phone

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Attached at the Hip

Another suggestion from Kedia for party games for adults is attached to the hip!

Elbow, toes, wrist, butt, etc.: write names of body parts on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. 
Guests need to be divided into pairs and each duo picks a chit, which assigns them a body part. 
“The hilarious bit is that they need to stay ‘attached’ by the assigned body part for as long as they can,” she giggles.
“Every time a pair separates, they have to take a shot!” she adds. 

You need

: Pieces of paper and a pen

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Ring of Fire (Kings)

“If you want to keep your guests entertained for a long time and, of course, get them drunk, Kings must be your go-to party game,” mentions Ronak Rochlani, partner at Keiba Mumbai, who prefers Kings aka Ring of Fire at his house parties. 

  • To play this one, spread a deck of cards faced down around an unopened can of beer or a drink of your choice. 
  • The players need to sit around the cards and pick up a card turn-wise. 
  • Every card has a rule associated to it and each time a player picks up one of the face down cards, he or she has to either drink or ask someone to drink based on the rule associated with the card. 
  • The game continues until all the cards are drawn. You can check out the rules of this game in the image below:

You need:

A deck of cards



Tripti Bhatia Gandhi, founder and CEO, Detales Brand Communications, believes house parties are the best kind of get together. There are no restrictions on how innovative you can get; plus, everyone’s a lot more comfortable. For times when she attends or hosts such a party, Gandhi’s go-to house party game is Spill by Binca, a board game company. “We all feel we know our friends and can read new people’s faces with ease. But here’s a game that’ll make you feel otherwise,” she chuckles.

Get the players seated in a circle and in the centre place the deck of cards with statements that range from innocent to offending.
Each player gets a true and false card.
Turn-wise, each of the participants have to draw a statement card and read it aloud. The one who draws the card is the ‘Spiller’ for that turn.
The others have to determine whether the statement was true or false, but not say it out loud yet.
They have discreetly hold the card in the hand and keep their head down. 
Once done, all of them reveal their answers at the same time and the players whose answer matches the spiller’s are saved, while the others take a sip.
If no answer matches the spiller’s, then everyone but he or she has to drink. 

You need:

A Spill card game

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Now that you have gone through our list of best drinking games, don’t forget to mention your favourite (or favourites) in the comments section below.

Pictures: Shutterstock, Pinterest


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