Bollywood: 7 Celebs Tell Us How They’re Adopting A Plastic-Free Life

The #Unplastic movement has caught the imagination of tinsel town as well. Read on for more

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It’s a no-brainer that we need to reduce our plastic consumption, across all levels of society. Which is why it is heartening to see many celebrities proactively reducing their plastic consumption. Here’s what some of them had to say about their plastic usage on the occasion of World Environment Day.


Ayushmann Khurrana:


 All of us need to do our bit to leave behind a safe and environmentally healthy planet for our children and future generations. The world that we live in has seen extensive damage to the ecosystem by the use of plastics. We have to reverse the negative impact of plastic pollution by actively speaking about it and raising our voice to bring awareness. It is our duty to do so.


Dia Mirza:


"I am extremely proud and happy that Living Foodz has joined the Beat Plastic Pollution movement. I want to convey  the message that there is an umbilical cord between economy and ecology and we must act now to preserve our Mother Earth and it is encouraging to see more people are joining the cause," says the actress who has completely stopped using plastic packaged water. She carries her metal bottle from home and switched from using normal sanitary napkins to bio-gradable ones.


Mirza, who is the brand ambassador of Wildlife Trust of India , has also taken up the role as United Nations (UN) brand ambassador to raise awareness and seek solutions for environmental issues that the world, and India in particular, faces.


Divya Dutta:

“We have been conditioned to live on plastic products but I am ready to give it up and get others to do it as well. Social media is a great medium to spread awareness and I like the way Juhi (Chawla) and Dia (Mirza) use the platform. We are our environment. The idea that we can keep taking from it and not give back is flawed. I strongly welcome the ban on plastics, to a point where consciously my home and staff have been told to say no to plastic bags and products. It’s important to learn ourselves and teach the young ones the same. I have always campaigned for the environment and something I believe in. The legacy we leave the next generation and those to come has to be a clean one.”


Gul Panag:

The issue of plastic pollution is so enormous, and single-use plastics are only the tip of the iceberg. We need to address this issue both at a micro and macro way through individual action that is backed by policy. This requires an aggressive legislative intervention. While banning is a step in the right direction, this will be tokenism unless we start re-evaluating the use of plastic as a whole. Plastic is cheaper so people moved to it. There are horror stories about the effect of plastic on our health, but credible research on the long-term impact of plastic is missing. The World Environment Day is an opportunity to re-examine, revalue and reassess the role and impact of plastic.


Manisha Koirala:

“At my home in Nepal, we recycle organic waste and use it as compost for our garden. We also keep separate bins for plastic waste, which are later picked up by the community garbage collectors. Though I try my best to minimise use of plastic every day, I wish eco-friendly alternatives for plastic straws and bags were more easily available. Also, people need to be informed about these options and have easy access to them.”


Tara Sharma:

“On my show and in everyday life we are trying hard to reduce and eradicate the use of plastic. We have done episodes on saving the earth and our kids and all of us have since switched to only metal and no plastic bottles. I find children often understand these things even better and learn a lot in school on the need to save our planet so often they point out things like no plastic bags etc. I hope all this leads to a more environmentally and safer and healthier world for us all -touch wood.”


Kabir Sadanand: 

“I have bought bags to put stuff when I shop, made of jute. I try and dissuade shop keepers from giving out plastic bags. I plan on teaching my kids that plastic kills and littering kills their future in a non-preachy way. Every step matters and if we do not look out and think for the betterment for our environment, who will?”


​Diana Penty:

“Plastic bags are a huge menace to the earth and the environment. I have stopped using plastic bags and carry my own water. I also take a cloth bag whenever I go to buy something. I plant more trees. So many trees have been cut down in the city for the Metro. I cry when they are hacked. We are not understanding the repercussions of doing this. That's why in my own way I try to plan more trees whenever I can.”

Click here to take a pledge and go plastic-free.  

 Visuals conceptualised by Sohail Joshi. Contributed by Bollywood Journalist and Rajashree Balaram.


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