Bengaluru’s Market Table has Health at its Heart

Five reasons why this restaurant makes the cut

Arathi Menon

There is no dearth of health food eateries in Bengaluru. More so, at 5th block Koramangala which is fast emerging as the urban food street of the city. This less-than-a-kilometre stretch of a road is crammed with restaurants on either sides—from Continental to Mediterranean and pan Asian and even Indian-Chinese speciality ones. 

Bizarre as it may seem, every time you visit the street, you would see another new restaurant lit up to welcome its patrons. Market Table is the newest eatery to open its doors to those who want to eat right. It would be a gross injustice to bracket the place as another health food restaurant. Nirmal Kumar, Chef and Operations Director, calls it a place that serves good food. While there are various reasons why you should check this place out, here are our top five reasons.

1. From the Market to the Table

As cliched as it sounds, Market Table is different even to a seasoned health restaurant hopper like me. It starts with the interiors; the walls are mounted with parts of dismembered wooden crates. While it may not be obvious at first glance that they are deconstructed crates, once you settle down and slowly take in the ambience, you join the dots to realise the ambience is designed to do justice to the name of the place—market table. Yes, from the market to table, farm to fork.

2. Healthy and Hearty

This is not another salad and smoothie place, though the menu lists a healthy number of these. Healthy is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan. There is meat and poultry on the menu, and plenty of it. There are wraps, rolls, tacos, meal bowls and more. So you can come as a group and enjoy the meal, there is something for everyone.

3. Produce-d with Care  

Even though I’m a conscious eater, I don’t eat salads because of my apprehension around how raw food is grown and handled. Without a good toss in a wok, I’m not confident about putting anything in my mouth. But Nirmal assures me that the vegetables served here are sourced from a greenhouse where it is grown on alternatives to soil, like cocopeat, for example, and drip-irrigated with RO water. It goes without saying that no pesticides and chemical fertilisers are used to grow the veggies. As for the chicken served here, they are free range chicken reared without antibiotics, we are told.

4. No Processed Sugar  

Now, let’s just get to the bottom of the menu. The desserts are naturally sweetened, mostly with fruits. Processed sugar is not an ingredient in any of the dishes. Honey or jaggery is used if the dish demands extra sweetening.

5. Pocket-friendly

All this might come at a huge price, you might think. But surprisingly, eating at Market Table is very affordable. 

Our Picks 

Now, let us just let you in on some of the dishes that Market Table does well—Golden vitality, a drink with turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, carrot, orange and coconut water; cassava chips and salsa Huanciana topped with chicken bean chilli or veg soya bean chilli (that tastes somewhat like kheema); spinach and artichoke dip; and certainly a meal bowl that lets you choose your salads with your carbs and protein.

The restaurant is also working on a desi menu with millets and ghee, among other things. But you may have to wait a while for that. Worth a dekko.  


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