Be It Rainy Day Or Game Night, These 10 DIY Dips Will Save the Day

Quick, easy to make and extremely yummy, these are a few dips that will keep your finger food cravings at bay.

Whether it is the rain pitter-pattering on your window pane, nail-biting finish of a match or just a bunch of chilling, you inevitably yearn for something to munch on. These crunchy munchies become even more satiating when there is a dip or a chutney to accompany it.

A quirky dip that replaces the usual ketchup is always a great idea. We decided to narrow down ones that are easy to make at home, consist of simple ingredients and taste just as yummy as they sound:

Tomato Dip
This is an easy replacement for the bottled ketchup and this fresh dip can be easily whipped up in under 10 minutes. Adding a little basil chutney mix as mentioned in the recipe, will add an extra zing to the dip since basil and tomato is a classic Italian combination.

Hari Mirch Dip
Hot masala potato wedges and green chilli dip is a match made in heaven. Also known as thecha, this dip can be easily paired with mirchi vada, moong dal vada or simply spread it on a slice of bread with butter on another slice and pack it for a snack to take to work.

Onion Chutney
Onion chutney is a very simple dip that can be coupled with a variety of starters or finger foods. Onion and garlic is a lethal combination when sautéed together. The chutney tastes delicious after tempering it with curry leaves and mustard seeds so you can eat it with parathas, bhajiyas or just fix yourself a delicious sandwich.

Walnut & Pepper Dip
The ultimate brain food, walnuts are very versatile. Take this dip as an example, where an unusual combination of pomegranate juice, walnuts and capsicums come together to make a dip that you wouldn’t want to share.


Thai Peanut Sauce Dip
Imagine peanuts in a dip! Yes, just like the famous peanut butter sauce, here is a dip that is easy to make and totally delish. You can even toss this savoury dip with noodles or simply use it for a Thai style salad. It also goes really well with spring rolls, vegetables or rice chips. So, dip right in!

Green Mayo Dip
Perfect for summer, the green chilli paste adds an edge to the mayonnaise and makes it spicier and tastier. The best way to enjoy this dip is with a plate of hot kebabs or seared fish, as shown in the recipe. You can also add mint to the dip and use the mixture in a salad.  

Bhangjeera Chutney
With many continental dips that we are used to devouring, the Indian chutneys which serve as dips often take a backseat. This Bhangjeera chutney is a delicious mixture of coriander seeds, raw onion and tomato. The chutney can be eaten with a portion of onion tomato salad.

Til Chutney
Sesame is inherently known to reduce hypertension and has multiple other health benefits. So, not only is this dip tasty, it also accounts for a healthy substitute. The sesame chutney is a dip that goes well with pakodas, vadas or any savoury fried snack.

Prunes Chutney
With the high amount of antioxidants and vitamins that are present in prunes, the ingredient makes for an interesting and healthy chutney. Coupled with sesame and soya sauce, the mixture tastes yummy, and is the perfect way to savour a fried snack. 

Green Chutney 
Our classic green chutney is the best dip. The hint of coriander, ginger and mint makes a beautiful combination and can be eaten with bhajjiyas or simply a fried snack. 


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