Barfi: A religion like no other

The collection of top 20 Barfi recipes which are made during festivals or any other occasions and the reason why the sweet market is booming.


The mention of barfi brings back some of the sweetest childhood memories. Our bond with this authentic sweet is unbreakable. Festivals in India are all about enjoying mouth-watering snacks along with luscious sweets. To satisfy the sweet-toothed taste buds, sweet marts are providing the myriad of pleasant sweets. India is always packed with festivals which begins from Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, Navratri, Dussehra and followed by Diwali with Christmas and New Year. We boarded on a journey to know how has the sweet industry has changed in recent years and what is its potential in both domestic and the foreign market. Mithai vs Chocolates Have you ever thought why mithai shops are not seen in the malls? Are they being overshadowed by chocolate stores that are joining the market in a grand way? After examining the drift of the last few years, we found out that, “The explanation lies in special marketing strategies to take over the sweet market in festivals with unique marketing, advertising and packaging, ending in a significant part of the sweet eaters shifting over to chocolates.” Here, are some special sweets which are mainly ordered or made at home during festivals or special occasions. Besan Ki Barfi:- One of the typical and traditional Barfi of all times. On any special occasion, besan barfi is must to have. This tasty barfi melts immediately in the mouth. It is made by roasting the besan (Gram Flour) which enhances the taste and provides an amazing aroma. You may see different colours of this barfi in the market which totally depends upon the colour of besan or some people use edible food colour to give the proper look to the dish. It is loaded with dry fruits and scrumptious taste. Badam Barfi:- You must have heard from your elders that almonds should be eaten empty stomach in the morning. This is because Almonds consists of healthy nutrients which help in improving our memory. So here is the dish which is sweet, healthy and delicious in taste. Almond Barfi or Badam Barfi is made using Almond paste, sugar and khoya (made from milk), this combination brings richness to the dish. Maida Barfi:- This barfi is made using plain flour (Maida) Yes, this might be shocking for you. But let me tell you that it tastes delicious and loved by people of every age. This North Indian recipe is one of the variations of the traditional Barfi recipes. This is made on various occasion or festival. The main ingredients used to make Maida Barfi are Maida (Plain Flour), Vanilla Essence, Cashews, Sugar, edible colour and Pistachios. Another name for this barfi is Maida Cake and is a true delight for the person who loves to have sweet. Rose Barfi:- This is such a unique sweet dish from Indian cuisine which tempts everyone with its aroma as well as flavour. Its taste will make you fall in love with it. This is a perfect choice for festivals and occasions. The bit of rose essence in the dish will be a delight for your sweet tooth, which you would like to relish after your meal. The best part of making this recipe is that it hardly takes 10 minutes. Chocolate Barfi:- If you are bored with the old and typical Khoya Barfi and looking for some unique dessert for your sweet craving then chocolate barfi will not let you down for sure. Just a few ingredients are required to make this simple dish and it’s a challenge that your guest or friends will surely love this. This fusion will give you a break from the regular chocolates and will provide a better taste for sure. Kids love this barfi as chocolate is a part of it. Dessert lover should try this amazing chocolate Barfi and share with friends and family. Dodha Barfi:- After seeing this barfi at the sweet shops, you may always think, how this Dodha barfi is made? Here’s the Dodha Barfi recipe for you. It is so different from other Barfi dishes and tastes amazing. It is a traditional dish of Punjab which has a grainy texture and melts in the mouth so easily. Ingredients used to make this barfi are Milk, liquid Glucose, Alum, ghee and Sugar. This is also a preferred sweet for marriage functions. Beetroot Vermicelli Barfi:- You must have never thought of a beetroot barfi. But we must tell you that this is such a sweet delight which can force people to fall in love with her even if they don’t like beetroot. This barfi is made with Beetroot and Vermicelli as the main ingredient along with the milk, sugar, ghee and dry fruits. This luscious sweet recipe will become everyone’s favourite within no time. The juicy taste of beetroot, fused with vermicelli cooked in milk and topped off with sugar, will shake your taste buds and make you crave for more and more. Try this unique recipe at home and share with your friends too. Almond & Dates Barfi:- Try this scrumptious Almond & dates Barfi which is prepared with de-seeded black dates, ghee, almonds, pistachios and cardamom powder. This fusion barfi will delight your taste buds with the ultra tempting flavour. Health conscious people who have a sweet tooth but still run away from sweets can surely have this Almond & Dates Barfi as this is low in carbs. If you want to showcase your culinary skills, then this recipe will absolutely help you in getting appreciation. And the best part is, this barfi recipe requires no cooking which is the perfect choice for those who are first-time cooks. So try and surprise your friends and family. Coconut Barfi Recipe (Microwave):- If you are a barfi lover, this barfi will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Ingredients required to make this coconut barfi are Milk, Grated Coconut, Sugar and Ghee. Those who are cooking for the first time, this can be an ideal choice for you. For the better appearance of the barfi, yellow edible food colour is used which gives such an amazing look. The best part is, it takes hardly 15 minutes to prepare, so if guests have arrived and you have nothing left at home to serve in sweet, then you can make this barfi at the eleventh hour. Here comes the advantage of this coconut barfi that you can make in the microwave and save your kitchen from getting messy. So what are you waiting for? Give a try to this microwave coconut recipes. Low Fat Barfi Recipe:- India is a county full of festivals and occasions and hence, the sweets play a vital role in the Indian diet. When festivals are around the round, we see sweets everywhere. People exchange sweets with each other. And, suppose if your neighbour is health conscious then the purpose of sending the sweet goes waste. To solve this issue, we are sharing a low-fat barfi recipe which is made using milk, brown sugar, canola oil/ rapeseed oil and skimmed milk. Looking at the ingredients only you must have understood how healthy this barfi is going to be. Pista Choco Barfi:- A time comes when we get bored eating the same boring sweets every time and look forward to having some tongue twister which can satisfy our craving. This barfi is the solution to our problem. This pista choco Barfi is prepared using khoya, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, ghee, rose essence and lots of pistachios. The ingredients used gives a nutty and chocolaty flavour to the barfi which is loved by the people of all ages. Banana Barfi (Kele ki Barfi):- India is full of sweets and Barfi is one of the typical and traditional sweet which is made since ages in every Indian household. But you may not have heard of Banana barfi. This special ingredient “banana” make this barfi special. it is made with ripe bananas, coconut, milk, sugar and ghee. This barfi is not only tasty but healthy too. Banana is rich in fibre and nutritious for everyone. Egg Barfi:- When it comes to egg, some find it appetising and some feel that egg has no taste. We have heard of egg dishes which are mostly spicy but there can be egg barfi. This is something beyond the imagination. This special egg barfi is made using egg paste and a good amount of khoya which add-ons to the taste of barfi to the next level. Egg barfi is too soft and scrumptious in taste. Dry fruits are used to garnish it from the top. Apple coconut Barfi:- Another version of the typical coconut barfi is this Apple Coconut Barfi which is a luscious dessert recipe. This mouth-watering recipe can be cooked quickly at home using coconut, apple and some dry fruits. If you're a sweet lover, then this delicious recipe is just the best thing for you. You can serve this dish after your meal and enjoy in its mouth-watering flavours. Here's a recipe that will surely impress the hearts of your guests on occasions like birthday or kitty party. This is a must try barfi recipe that you should surely make at home. Gajar Ki Barfi or Carrot Barfi:- You must have heard and tasted Gajar Ka Halwa. But Gajar ki Barfi is also so delicious that it will steal your heart for sure. Carrot barfi is made using the grated carrot with khoya or mawa along with ghee, milk and sugar. The kind of aroma this barfi conceives and the appearance are the additional reasons to try these at home. Til Ki Barfi:- Sesame seeds are healthy and essential for human body. But having raw sesame seeds is not an exciting idea. What if we make a barfi out of sesame seeds. Here is the dish for you which is seriously amazing in taste and healthy too. It is made with the til paste and whether you are aware of this or not, Til Barfi is made on Sankranti festival in January. This barfi can be made using jaggery or sugar both, depends on your choice. Malai Barfi:- Have leftover malai at home? Why don’t make a sweet out of it which is full of protein and tasty too? In Indian homes, mothers do take the malai out of the milk and save it to make ghee from it. This time make this Malai Barfi which is so soft that melts in the mouth as soon as you eat it. Mango Barfi:- Fruit barfis are special because they bring the delightful taste and the benefits of fruits too. Mango is known as the “king of Fruits” and everyone loves having mangoes because of its special taste. The speciality of Mango ki Barfi is that it is made with mango paste along with condensed milk which not only enhances the taste of the Barfi but also it gives the Barfi an amazing aroma. Orange Barfi:- Orange barfi is famous from Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is also known as “Santra Barfi” in Hindi. The speciality of orange ki Barfi is that it is made from orange pulp along with condensed milk which increases the taste of the Barfi and also gives it an amazing aroma. Khus-Khus Barfi:- A little different from the typical barfi recipes, this khus-khus barfi is full of richness and creaminess. Poppy Seeds blend to make a smooth paste and then mixed with khoya to make Khus-Khus Barfi super healthy. And it takes hardly 15 minutes to prepare this recipe.


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