Avolatte: Fancy a Latte in an Avocado?

Serving lattes in avocados is the new food debate of the year. Choose your side

Joyoti Mahanta

For years, food lovers have debated over pineapple on pizza. There are haters and then there are the die-hard advocates of this fruit topping. But Gordon Ramsay spoke and we took his opinion as the standard, and pineapples lost favour. Now over to the new debate of 2017: The Avolatte—latte served in an avocado skin.


Yes, coffee is surprised too with this invention.

Yes, you read right! Why, how, no one knows. And it doesn’t make any sense. How will you sip latte from an avocado half without a cup or a handle? Are the avocado skins reusable? Is the latte flavoured with the superfood? So many questions. We did a little investigation on the origins of this beverage, and here are the possibilities:

Scenario one: The brew was introduced by an Australian café to highlight the mockery of the Aussie housing affordability debate. The Truman Café didn’t think highly of the economists who reasoned that the millennials can’t afford houses in major cities in Australia because they would rather dish out $4 for a latte, or even more for avocado on toast, or avocado pudding, like Kourtney Kardashian’s staple breakfast. So, the hipster café invented this caffeinated creation in a scrap of fruit, and for loss of a better name called it Avolatte.


Scenario two: If social media trends are anything to go by, millennials love latte art and the avocado fruit—with both being popular Instagram subjects. So cafés in Turkey and Australia decided to marry the Instagram stars in the hope of starting a new trend. And it seems to be working, because netizens and twiteratti are well into the debate: For or against Avolatte.


What’s your say on this coffee-in-a-fruit beverage? Or should we get Gordon Ramsay to weigh in on the Avolatte debate?

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