Avengers Campus Coming to Disney California Adventure this Summer

Train like Iron Man, Spider-Man and Black Panther.

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A training center for the next generation of Avengers opens this summer at Disneyland Resort, where new recruits can train with some of the world's greatest superheroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Panther. Called Avengers Campus, the training center is located in what is described as a former Stark Industries complex owned by Tony Stark and opens at Disney California Adventure Park. 

Different locations are hosted by different Avengers. Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, for instance, takes guests on an interactive escapade and teaches trainees how to sling webs and test drive a new invention, the Web Slinger vehicle. “Avengers Campus will be a place where fans and guests can finally step into the universe they love, and stand alongside some of their favorite heroes,” said Dave Bushore, vice president of Franchise Creative and Marketing for Marvel Studios in a statement. 

“The optimism inherent in Avengers Campus captures the diversity, power and teamwork these extraordinary characters possess, and now they come together to unite people from all over the world under one guiding principle: We are stronger together.” Visitors can also train with Black Panther and Wakanda's elite guards, the Dora Milaje, and Doctor Strange, who will train recruits in the ways of the mystic arts at an ancient Sanctum. 

Iron Man also debuts his new armor, the Mark 80, at the Avengers Campus, while Ant-Man and The Wasp likewise make their first appearance at the Disney park. Avengers Campus opens July 18, 2020 at Disney California Adventure. A version of the attraction is set to come to Disneyland Paris in 2021 and Hong Kong Disneyland in 2023.

Image: Courtesy Disneyland Resort


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