Aussie Delights at Aromas Café New Food Festival

On till December 20, 2019, the special menu has a quite a few hits worth trying

Sayoni Bhaduri

It’s been 10 years since the first Aromas Café opened its doors to the public in the suburb of Powai in Mumbai. Today, with a total of seven outlets in Mumbai, the brand has become an eatery where you simply can’t go wrong with comforting staples.

To shake itself and its loyal patrons out of the comfort zone, Aromas Café has been hosting food promotions. The current, Australian Food Festival is on till December 20, 2019. Aromas being a brand born in the land down under, choosing the cuisine of the land was obvious.

Australia is land where nature is bountiful, whether it is the seafood, fresh produce or dairy. While the varied cultures are not at war but look out for ways of better assimilation. Aroma’s Café Aussie menu with its 15-odd dishes reflect the food philosophy of Australia well.

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Thumbs Up

Winners were clear in Aromas Cafe Aussie menu. First up, Aussie Shrimp Tacos—the soft shell taco reminiscent of fresh piece of roomali roti. It is topped with the most wonderfully cooked shrimp, plump and juicy. The sauce was flavourful with a well-balanced sweet and sour ratio; it was rich enough to hold up to the bite-sized morsel.

Mango and chilli is a combination that is not unheard of, but to play with the flavours seamlessly is a task. Chef Ameya Mahajani perfected it in this chicken dish—the sweetness of mango sauce gave way to gentle heat of the habanero that lingered. The juicy chicken morsels presented themselves as the perfect canvas for the sauce to shine.

The 6-Hours Braised Lamb was the one-dish that caught my eye the moment I opened the menu. It has become a common affair to find slow cooked meats making their way into menus, but for a café to do the same was new. I am happy to report, the dish was a grand success. The meat soft tender the sauce made with the jus of the lamb along with mushrooms was a rich umami wonderland for the palate.

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Thumbs Down

There were similar from the Black Fried Rice with Curried Prawns. The black rice, cooked pilaf style was great; the prawns cooked to perfection; the mild subtle curry a perfect accompaniment—why then the disappointment? Too much salt!

Also, vegetarians beware. Aromas Café Australian Food Festival menu includes exactly two vegetarian starters and one main course. It is however, not a lack of foresight but a conscious decision since the menu is designed to highlight Aussie-style meats and seafood based dishes.

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The wholesome and hearty portion sizes make dining at Aromas Café an absolute pleasure and value-for-money. The Australian menu itself used fresh produce and care and thought has been given to the curation of dishes to showcase the best of ingredients and the chef’s ingenuity.

Aromas Café month-long menu does deserve a try, especially when you’re famished and want something filling.

Where: Aromas Café outlets, Bandra, Juhu, Powai, Thane 


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