Are Entremets the new dessert?

Entrée, aperitifs…and now entremets. Fine dining just got another ace up its sleeve


An ‘Entremet’ in modern French cuisine means a small dish served between courses or simply a dessert, specially a multi-layered one with different flavours and textures.

“Most of the usual desserts or cakes have a single flavouring or layer, and most of them are topped with fondant decors or ready to roll icing (RTR); honestly no one really chomps on those extra sweet calorie blubs. Hence to heighten the eating experience of a connoisseur (and the challenge to chefs to provide this), came entremets”, exclaims Tejaswi Parande from Sydney, a pastry chef after her recent stint at Le Cordon Bleu. These are primarily smaller servings at fine diners, while few end up making regular big servings as well. “It’s the latest trend coming straight from Paris, which displays both skill as well as techniques, making it even more challenging at the same time demanding,” adds Pooja Dhingra, owner and celebrity chef of La 15 Patisseire fame, founded in 2010.

Pooja Dhingra reminisces her experience, “The very first entremet that I made at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, I managed to drop it down three floors and splash chocolate and pistachio creme brule all over the freshly painted white walls,” she grins. Dhinga raves about the vanilla entremet from Pierre Herme in Paris and serves ‘Opera’ as her star entremet dish. After bagging the title of Pastry Queen of India, Sanjana Patel showcased her sweet mumble jumble through her new chain of dessert parlour- La Folie, a couple of years back. Another former alumna of Le Cordon Bleu, Sanjana managed to raise the standards and expectations of those with culinary expertise and the local taste buds.

While 5-star fine dining restaurants in India have served entremets, the trend elsewhere is just catching on. Here’s a curated list of top places in all the metros.

Casual Dining/ Dessert Parlour- Farzi Cafe
Fine Dining- Threesixtyone degrees- The Oberoi

Casual Dining/ Dessert Parlour- La 15 Patisserie
Fine Dining- Celini – Grand Hyatt

Casual Dining/ Dessert Parlour- La Maison Des Délices
Fine Dining- Paris Cafe

Casual Dining/ Dessert Parlour- Berry’d Alive
Fine Dining- The Market- The Ritz- Carlton


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