An all time Favorite Sweet: Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli that is loved by every Indian and it's a delectable sweet dish, Read this blog to know what makes it so popular and how it has a healthy touch and some tips to make it tastier


Sweets, especially Kaju Katli makes my mouth watery every time. If you too are a Kaju Katli lover then you are at the right place to know more about Kaju Katli and also to acknowledge some tips which need to be followed before making this sweet. This north-Indian sweet is a simple yet delicious dessert recipe which is most common and popular in India. Whether there is any festival, occasion or marriage function, you will surely find this sweet dish on the menu. Why this is so popular? The reason which makes this sweet so popular is its simplicity. Though fewer ingredients are used to make this recipe, still it is delicious because of the use of balanced sugar and the creaminess/richness of cashew nuts provide a perfect amalgamation to the recipe. It is available at every sweet shop but making it at home brings more hygiene and quality and also gives an option to choose your preferred ingredients. Twist & Turns If you are a creative person or if you like to make a recipe with your innovative ideas then there is ample space for you to show your creativity with this recipe. You can add any ingredients of your choice into the recipe and give it a totally new Avtaar. However, the typical Kaju Katli recipe will be the same as usual. Healthy Touch

Health conscious people need not worry as cashew is considered as a healthy food component. You can just replace regular sugar with sugar-free and your Kaju Katli will be healthier than before. Few tips to follow before making Kaju Katli Make sure cashews do not become oily or pasty while grinding, else the taste will change. Make sugar syrup on a low heat and use thick bottomed kadhai, else the syrup will get burned. Grease the plate with oil or ghee before pouring the final mixture. This will ensure that the mixture won’t stick to the plate.


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