All That's New And Exciting In Mumbai This February

From all vegetarian dessert cafes, Awadhi sensations to Goan delicacies, this month packs a flavoursome punch

The Mumbai food scene is getting bigger, better! We’re into the second month of the year and the delectable journey has only just begun. Watch out for these new launches this month.

Porto & Poie

Where: Juhu Tara Road

The buzz: This much-awaited 100-seater by Chef Gracian de Souza will have two distinct sections designed to transport the diner to the susegad or laidback feel of Goa  and Portugal: an inside dining section and al fresco with an island bar serving classic and Goan-inspired cocktails, and a full-fledged wine and spirit menu.

The Food: Porto & Poie’s food and bar menu will pay homage to the dishes, flavours, history and spirit of Goa, and Portugal. The dishes are straight from chef De Souza family kitchen. Key ingredients like vinegar, jaggery, chorizo and poie are sourced directly from Goa. Expect hearty Goan fare like Sorpotel, Cafreal and Portuguese ones like Feijoada (a classic pork and bean stew), Cabidela (a stew of chicken and offal) and Arroz De Marisco (a paella-like seafood dish served family style). In addition to the seafood and meat dishes, there’s also a generous section of vegetarian Saraswat Brahmin dishes like Khatkhatem (a gravy made with seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, raw plantain, drumsticks, etc), Mushroom Xacuti and Jackfruit Stew, introducing the diner to a lesser-known aspect of Goan cuisine.

Launch: February 2018



Where: Horizon Hotel, Juhu

The Buzz: This multi-award-winning restaurant’s latest outlet at Juhu will host an open kitchen and serve patrons in a bright, sunlit dining room. 

The food: Expect to see a live tapas station at the bar serving Charred Asparagus, Bacon, Poached Egg, Garlic Grilled Shrimp With Chimichurri &Peperonata, Mortadella & Parmesan Cheese CroquettesWith Green Romesco along with Indigo Deli Classics like the Reuben, Eggs Divinity, Wafer Thin Pizzas, etc.

Launch: February 2018


Tippling Street

Where: Juhu

The Buzz: With interiors inspired from the famous street of 90’s London, Tippling Street promises to teleport you from Mumbai to London the moment you walk in. The venue includes a balcony seating area facing the sea, the main dining area overlooks the live kitchen & bar and they have a prohibition era themed PDR.

The Food: With the most alluring sea-facing location in Juhu, Tippling Street will serve Baked Brie, Tippling Nachos Dome, Aubergine Rolls, Mini Fish & Chips or Sheperd’s Pie and more accompanied with an impressive list of cocktails such as Shinsei—Seaweed Infused Vodka, The Bluefairy- Copper blazed Bourbon with homemade bitters, The Morning Star- Gin with homemade Galangal reduction, to name a few.


Launch: 9th February 2018.


Nariman Point

The Buzz: Neel, Mumbai’s specialty Indian restaurant from the house of Degustibus Hospitality pays homage to the rich and evolved cuisine of old Nawabi families from Lucknow, Hyderabad and Kashmir.

The Food: This latest 2000 square feet outlet at Nariman Point will see Bento Box Style Thali, and Indian cuisine gets a twist in items like Rataloo ka Tikki, Squid Sukha, Samosa Kadhi and Meen Moilee.

Launch: February 2018

Drifters Brewing Co.
Kamala Mills


The buzz: This newest addition to the craft beer scene in Mumbai promises to serve originally handcrafted Eastern European beers to the people of Mumbai. The venue will also provide a platform to upcoming artists with dedicated standup gigs and DJ nights.

The food: Bar nibbles and pub staples are like chicken wings, butter garlic prawns, and bruschettas to burgers pitas, pizzas, pasta and risotto.

Launch: 8th February 2018

D:OH! Viviana Mall

Where: Thane

The Buzz: This popular chain is known for its unpretentious food, uncomplicated space and a fun vibe.

The Food: The menu remains the same, popular favourites like French toast stuffed with Nutella and banana and the Fried Eggs topped with Goan chorizo stay on the menu. For something less indulgent we recommend their Vietnamese Paper Rolls which are stuffed with your choice of chicken, prawns or veggies and served with a tangy lemon-ginger sauce. 

Launch: Mid February 2018



Where: Byculla

The Buzz: This brand new restaurant by Siddharth Somaiya who previously owned The Bao Haus Co, and his partner Mariki Sayles, a mixologist from New York, is a cocktail-centric and interactive space in Byculla. The name connotes the art of storytelling in Urdu which the team hopes to do via their food, beverage and design.  

The Food: Goyaa will serve small plates and meats from around the world. The breads, sauces and tofu will be made in-house. They also plan to retail these items at the restaurant.

Launch: February 2018

Treats of the World

Where: Thane 

The Buzz: They call themselves an ‘All Day Veg Cafe, and will offer desserts and savories from across the globe on one platter.

The Food: The menu will list eggless and gelatin-free desserts. Expect treats such as Medovik—a popular Russian sweet with layers of homemade sour cream and sponge cake topped with frosting, Basbousa—a native Egyptian and traditional Middle-Eastern sweet cake made of semolina, cooked in condensed syrup and Scottish Mars Break—Scotland’s national dish of deep fried Mars bar.

Launch: 8th February 2018 

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