Alia Bhatt Shows us How to Make Her Fave Beetroot Salad and Chia Pudding

And her head chef gives her a score of 8/10 for it!

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You’d be forgiven for thinking The Gully Boy actor, Alia Bhatt's diet consisted of Insta-pop foods such as Avocado Toasts, Celery Juices, or Matcha Lattes. But Alia Bhatt would like to set the record straight: She loves desi khana, especially North Indian. “Food’s a very important part of my life. I love food,” shares the actor on her newly launched YouTube channel, where she discusses matters from fitness to fashion with her followers.

“I like certain sabzis and dals that my mother makes,” she adds. Before moving into her own place, so that she doesn’t miss out on
ghar ka khaana, her mom also had to make sure that Alia's chef took a crash course in learning the Bhatt-way of making the famous tamatar ki sabzi and aloo fry.    

Last weekend, Alia Bhatt's fans were in for a treat as the superstar decided to get her hands dirty while learning to cook some of her fave recipes, whilst giving us a glimpse into her diet. Titled

'In My Kitchen ft. Dilip and Carol’

, the first episode of her new video series starts off with Alia giving us a glimpse of her kitchen, showing off her customized fridge magnets that showcase the names of all her favourite foods categorised as salads, dals, rotis, sabzis and meetha. Desi dishes such as sabudana


khichdi, dal khichdi, makki roti, paneer paratha,
jowari roti, bhurji, bhajiya and pav bhaji make an appearance on the refrigerator.

To find out more about what was Alia Bhatt cooking, check this video:
In the Kitchen with Alia Bhatt 

Alia Bhattis an advocate of healthy and clean eating—no wonder she’s in such fabulous shape! When it comes to her diet, Bhatt is very strict, her housekeeper Carol Dias informs us in the video.

Here’s decoding her healthy eating plan:

Beetroot Salad FTW 

With the scorching summers comfortably behind us and the cold winter setting in, Bhatt shows us the perfect way to build immunity this season: beetroots! Her version of the beet salad is an easy-to-make meal fix that not only offers you a host of health and wellness benefits but also leaves you feeling fresh. “Beetroot is very good for the skin,” Bhatt shares. Besides, the actor also tells that during her shoot days from Dear Zindagi, a big bowl of beetroot salad was what helped her stay cool in the scorching Goa heat. Then there’s her trick for dahi. “Mai dahi tadke ke bina nahi khaati hu,” she says. Her tadka usually consists of “tel, rai, jeera, hing and kadipatta,” we are told. Alia has devised several ways to eat beet, beyond salads.   

Here’s a recipe for Alia Bhatt’s Beetroot Salad

What you Need:

Beetroots, boiled and grated
1 cup, yoghurt
a pinch of black pepper
a pinch of chaat masala
a pinch of coriander

For Tadka

1/4 tbsp oil
a handful of black mustard seeds
cumin seeds
asafetida (hing)
curry leaves (kadipatta)


In a bowl, first, mix the beetroot and yoghurt. Then add a pinch of black pepper and chaat masala, and give it a good stir. Once your salad has achieved a nice pink hue, add in the coriander leaves.

Chia Pudding For Sweet 

“Pehle I wasn’t a sweet tooth person [sic], but pata nahi kya hua, suddenly I became like.. mujhe dessert chahiye, and since then my life has changed,” shares the actor jokingly. She can now eat her dessert even for breakfast or as an evening snack. She loves the Moong Dal Halwa and Dudhi ka Kheer her head chef Dilip whips up. However, on most day’s it’s the quick-fix Chia Pudding that steals the show. The pudding has roasted chia seeds, coconut milk, protein powder and a few drops of stevia. When she’s not cheating on her diet with chia pudding, peanut butter and mohanthal (which she last had in 2017, Carol tells us) are some of her other top picks.

Here’s the recipe for Alia’s Chia Pudding

What you Need: 

1 scoop chia seeds, roasted 
1 cup, coconut milk
1 scoop, protein powder
a few drops of stevia, to taste


In a bowl, add the chia seeds and then slowly add in the coconut milk. Next, throw in the protein powder and in the stevia. Whisk well, before leaving it to set in a refrigerator. 

Image: YouTube 


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