Add a Healthy Spin to Your Fave Monsoon Foods

Your monsoon just got way yummier with these healthier takes on some of your favourite comfort foods.

Annabelle D’Costa

Monsoon is the time to cosy-up in front of the window gazing at the downpour. All this while you’re sipping on a warm cuppa and munching on your favourite comfort foods. As the temperature drops, craving for crispy munchies and ooey-gooey deliciousness takes over.

Do not fear, you do not have to compromise on health and go on a guilt trip with these easy alternatives. Bhajiyas for chai time? Sure, why not. Creamy soup for lunch? That too. Paani puri for lunch? Yus!

Swap the Kadai with an Oven

Crunchy, crispy and addictive—who doesn’t like to enjoy the monsoon with a plate of garama garam pakoras, samosas or vadas and a nice cup of kadak adrak chai. But these deep-fried foods are also notorious for adding a few extra inches to your waistline. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stay away from them for long. Instead, ditch the deep-frying and take up baking. Bake your fried foods in an oven for around 8 to 10 minutes at 175°C. For an added dose of health, you could try this healthy beetroot fritters recipe, which is equally yummy, and did we mention extra cheesy?

Add a Healthy Spin to Your Fave Monsoon Foods

Chaat Right

Satisfy your pani puri and other chaat cravings by making them yourself at home. Start with stocking up on sprouts, fruits and veggies of your choice, to fix yourself a healthy chaat or salad. Don’t forget to top with a spoonful of roasted flaxseeds or peanuts for a shot of good health. Try this easy soya chaat or chana chaat recipe that doesn’t require you to be a pro at cooking. While enjoying pani puri and bhels from roadside vendors is always a treat, it is best avoided especially during rains. Instead, treat yourself to a healthier and hygienic version at home with this cucumber-flavoured paani puri or this protein-packed bhelpuri recipe.

Add a Healthy Spin to Your Fave Monsoon Foods

Sip Your Way to Health

It is also the time of the year when you crave for something warm, hearty, wholesome and comforting. Sipping on a bowl of nourishing soup, hot cocoa or chai after braving the heavy rains is pure TLC. Instead of opting for ready-to-use soup and hot chocolate powder packets, make them in the comfort of your home with ingredients available at hand. Blend par-boiled veggies in a mixer or simply mash them to reach the desired consistency. Throw in a dash of garlic, ginger and turmeric along with in spices of your choice to up your health game. You could try this easy mushroom soup or chana soup recipe, both made in a jiffy. Make this nice hot chocolate drink that you can sip on, without the guilt of loading up on excess sugar and other artificial flavourings.

Add a Healthy Spin to Your Fave Monsoon Foods

Kuch (healthy) Meetha Ho Jaye?

There’s no other way around it, sooner or later the sweet tooth craving is going to set in. Satiate your craving by adding a dose of health into your desserts. Try this easy warm healthy kheer recipe if you don’t want to OD on sugar. If it’s something chocolatey that you’re craving for, try this cake with the added goodness of zucchini. While we do understand that your undying love for jalebis, you could swap the store-bought sugar-laden jalebis for this homemade jalebi recipe.

Add a Healthy Spin to Your Fave Monsoon Foods

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