A Mommy’s Guide to Mommy Bloggers You Must Follow RN!

In whichever corner of the world you’re in, these blogs will come to the rescue.

Shweta Vepa Vyas

As a mother to a five-year old, and another baby on the way, the one thing I’ve never had a dearth of is advice. Long, short, tall advice, not to mention from all kinds of sources—overtly concerned relatives to well-meaning friends to some rather solicitous acquaintances.

So, if you’re a mommy, or a mommy-to-be, sit back and enjoy the ride. Don’t get too bogged down by what people have to say—allow your motherly instincts to guide you, even if it means learning from trial and error. And while you try cutting through the clutter, these mommy blogs might just offer some assistance.

First Moms Club

While technically this isn’t a blog, but a community, this recommendation comes from pure personal experience. What started out as a Facebook group by Ruchita Dhar Shah in 2010 in a bid to connect with her friends to discuss all things motherhood, has, today, snowballed into a thriving community of 67k members. Everything from genuine concern to paranoia and frustrated rants are addressed here.

FMC founder Ruchita Dhar with her sons

First Moms Club today has an app and is also associated with numerous mom-centric events; but its essence still remains the Facebook group. What makes it unique is that it is powered by real mommies who have a solution for everything from pregnancy to parenting issues. You can rest assured that even if you’re posting a query at 3 in the morning, some mommy, somewhere will respond.


Started in 2011 as a blog by Mansi Zaveri, Kidsstoppress, is an online platform offering advice on everything from parenting advice to guides on products, services and events. As a first-time mother, Zaveri realised there was a complete lack of resources and information on parenting, especially keeping in an Indian context. Filling in the gap, she started blogging about her experiences and also kids-related activities and events in the city.

Kidsstoppress founder Mansi Zaveri

Today, Kidsstoppress is a one-stop-shop for parenting issues—right from trending extra-curricular in the city to tiffin ideas for your children. It also regularly features experts and celebrity moms. The platform also features videos and a radio channel to help you with your parenting journey.

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo was born in 2007 when writer and editor Joanna Goddard decided she needed a project to nurse a broken heart. It started as a weekend hobby that quickly became big; the blog was featured on Forbes as a website/ blog to watch out for.

A throwback picture of Joanna Goddard and her son Anton

While the blog features content related to design, food, travel and style, it's the motherhood section that connects most with readers. With more than one million unique monthly visitors, A Cup of Jo has mastered the skill of engaging with readers. At one point, Goddard had a mother in early labour interacting on a post and soon, all the others were rooting for her and wishing her luck!

What makes Goddard's writing so engaging is the fact that she keeps it real—having gone through post-partum depression, she chose to bring to the fore the often undiscussed side of parenting. It's this honesty that strikes a chord with readers and makes A Cup of Jo so relatable to all the mommies out there.

Baby Boy Bakery

Jacqui Saldana and her husband Dan have lived through the worst imaginable fate any parent can imagine. In 2014, they lost their three-year old toddler Ryan in a tragic accident. She turned to her blog Baby Boy Bakery (that she had started in 2011 as a new mother) as an outlet for her grief.

Baby Boy Bakery founder Jacqui Saldana with daughter Mila

Following the birth of her daughter in 2015, she continues to document her motherhood journey and keeps the memory of her son alive through the blog. Her blog features topics such as DIY crafts, activities for kids as well as a section dedicated to kid-friendly recipes. Her posts also share her personal stories through which she hopes to “make everyday an adventure” for her mommy readers. 


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