A Garlic-Peeling Hack Broke the Internet So We Put it (And 4 Other Ways) to Test

Even model and author Chrissy Teigen is reeling!

Annabelle D’Costa

It’s such a universally hated task! Anyone who has attempted to quickly peel a few cloves of garlic while the butter melted on a griddle or the oil for the chonk was just at the right temperature, knows that the struggle is real. No wonder when Twitter user @VPestilenZ posted a video that showed peeling garlic was as easy as scooping ice cream, it created an Internet sensation.

A Garlic-Peeling Hack Broke the Internet So We Put it (And 4 Other Ways) to Test
Video courtesy: Twitter

The hack left Twitterati in a tizzy. You could be a professional cook, a line cook or a home cook, peeling the allium is one cumbersome task for mise en place in the kitchen. And a necessary evil, given there's nothing garlic cannot handle—and we're talking real stuff like repelling vampires (and oh, instantly turning around your boring meals!) The trouble is that there is no fast and foolproof method of peeling these little flavour bombs. At least until the video emerged on Twitter.

The ‘hypnotising’ video revealed the Twitter user's tried-and-tested hack with the caption: “As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled.”

Watching her slender fingers pop the cloves out of the bulb with the help of only a knife, Twitterati rued all the time they'd wasted doing it the wrong way! Pretty soon the video had gone viral garnering about 431K likes and 141.5K retweets and counting.

But it was model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen who summed up our reactions best when she took to Twitter speaking for all of us.

For something so good to be true, it was obvious the hack had to be tried and tested. While some called it out for being bogus, others actually succeeded in their very first attempt.

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So what do we think? Priyamvada Kowshik gave the trick a try, using the sharpest knife in her kitchen. Conclusion, it’s a no-go. Especially the pungent desi garlic with tiny cloves refuse to leave their pods until you've laboured over them. The trick might work for bulbs with larger cloves of garlic, sold as “Chinese garlic” by vendors

Not one to let you go without an easy hack to peel garlic, we did some research on the best ways to peel garlic in a jiffy. These are not foolproof, but a little practice should help.

Shake! Shake! Shake!

Throw your garlic cloves in a medium-sized metal bowl. Cover this bowl with a same sized bowl and shake vigorously with all your energy. You’ll hear the garlic pods hitting against the walls if the bowls, this conflict helps the skin peel. You should be left with almost peeled garlic cloves at the end of a vigorous 15-20 second wrist workout. You can also use a bowl with a tight lid, just ensure there is enough surface area within the bowl for the pods to move around.

Microwave to The Rescue

All you’ve got to do is pop those fresh pods into the microwave for a nice warm steam session that shouldn't last for more than 20 seconds. Apparently, the heating process helps the garlic escape its papery shell.

Water Therapy

Remove the cloves from the bulb and soak them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes. Using a whisk, beat the sh*t out of the pods to get the skins off.   Again, you’ll have to put those wrists to some work by shaking vigorously.  

Pound Away

If your recipe demands minced garlic, the easiest and quickest way to go about it would be relying on your old friend the mortar and the pestle. Take a few cloves and pound them whole a few times till the peel comes off clean from the minced flesh.

After reading this post, if you have too many peeled garlic on your hands then this garlic chutney recipe will help remedy the situation:
A Garlic-Peeling Hack Broke the Internet So We Put it (And 4 Other Ways) to Test

And once you’re done playing around with garlic, here are hacks to help you wash off the pungent odour from your hands.

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