A Christmas Tree You Can Eat

Make your Christmas Tree a treat with these edible decorations and ornaments.

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What’s Christmas without a vibrantly decorated Christmas tree? Festooned with ribbons, ornaments and baubles, here are some fun ideas for a sparkling tree that looks good and tastes good too.

So gather all ye faithful!

Popcorn Garland/String

It’s going to be quite a challenge not polishing off the popcorn before they are strung together! A needle, yarn (think red and white bakers yarn to add some colour) and a BIG bowl of popcorn are all you need to weave a string. Avoid using ready-to-cook popcorn variety that includes salt and butter and try the dry corn kernel instead, and pop them in a pressure cooker. These will have a natural colour, will last longer and are healthy too. Once you’ve have more than enough length of the popcorn string, decorate your Christmas tree with it.

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Cookie Ornament

Baking is a time-honoured tradition in the winter months, especially Christmas. Cookies hold a special position in the baking ritual and there’s a lot more you can do with the cookie dough—use your favourite Christmassy cookie cutter to shape out cookies. With a straw make a hollow on the top of the unbaked cookie. Once baked, the hole will be used to string a ribbon and add it to the Christmas tree. You can even add frosting to the cookie and make it look prettier. And for those who like a bit a challenge, bake a series of cookies in a shape to create a mighty bell! Imagine how inviting your home will smell with all the baking.

Here’s a step-by-step cookie recipe you can follow:
A Christmas Tree You Can Eat

Dried Fruit Ornament

If you love cocktails as much as us, you must’ve seen those fresh colourful fruits that garnish your drink. Now they can double up as Christmas ornaments too! Whether you choose to use, oranges, tangerines, limes or lemons or all of them, first clean them thoroughly. Then make sure you slice them in thin circles. On a baking sheet covered in a parchment paper, lay out the slices in a single layer.

Preheat your oven at the lowest setting, then place the baking sheet in the oven for an hour. Dehydrating is a slow and watchful process, after one hour flip the oranges and put the tray back in the oven for another hour. Keep a close eye on the citrus fruits; if they’ve optimally dehydrated take them out of the oven. Others might take longer, and you’ll have to keep flipping the slices till they’re done. Once all are done, let the citrus circles cool completely, and string them up as beautiful and tasty ornaments for the tree.

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Wafer Cigarillos/Cinnamon Bunch

Take five-six wafer cigarillos and tie them together with a twine or bakers yarn to form a cluster ornament. You can wrap the cigarillos in a parchment paper or transparent plastic as well. The same trick can be applied with cinnamon sticks, they will also serve as natural room freshener.

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Sprinkles in Ornaments

If you have odds and ends of old Christmas baubles left over the years, give them a thorough wash, inside and out. Find funky coloured sugar sprinkles, silver sugar decorative balls, pop rocks, etc, and fill them in the empty Christmas ornaments. Use cloth or parchment paper to close the opening and hang the little balls of colour on your Christmas tree. These also make delicious give away.

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