Dip-Dive Your Munchies This FIFA Season

Prepare these dips in a jiffy to accompany your snacks

Henna Achhpal

We remember Germany beating Argentina as if it was yesterday -- and yet, the four-year wait for the tournament in Russia couldn't have ended sooner. FIFA World Cup 2018 (aka legit excuse to be a couch potato for the next month) is officially here!

The appointments in your planner have been organised around the World Cup schedule, your smart TV is prepped and besties to call over have been added to a WhatsApp group. All that remains is slipping into that jersey and unleashing your inner football fanatic. But, but, (headbutt)... what about the food? No matter which team you and your friends support, a match without munchies is incomplete.

Before you break into a panic over this last minute detail, we have you covered. Head over to the nearest grocery store and simply stock up on all the varieties of chips and frozen foods that line the shelves. Next, add some zest to your assortment of munchies with these easy-to-make dips that will be ready in a jiffy!

A fun tip to keep things exciting -- mix it up and try a new dip every day. Soon, yours will become the go-to place to watch the matches and don't be surprised if your friends award you the Host of the Match title this year!

Tomato Dip

Those who like a bit of spice and a dose of tang will love this dip.

Walnut & Pepper Dip

What -- walnut and pomegranate juice in a dip? Yep! If you're the experimental kind, you'll want to try this one out.

Thai Peanut Sauce Dip

Bring in a touch of the Orient to this largely-European event.

Hari Mirch Dip

Satiate your desi heart with this good old hari mirch dip.

Green Mayo Dip

Spice up the usual mayo with some green chillies.

Guacamole Dip

If all those fried chips are picking at your guilt and you want to balance it with some healthy -- here's guacamole to the rescue.


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