9 Dreadfully Delicious Halloween Snack Ideas

Homemade Horror is here

Ishita Lote

Halloween’s here and it’s time to pull off a spooky spread that will delight both kids and adults. With a little imagination and lots of creativity, you can execute a hellishly fascinating menu. Here are some wicked party food ideas sure to impress the trick and treaters raiding your party. 

Monster Cookies

Bake your favourite cookies. Pipe some chocolate ganache on the inside of the cookie. Sandwich using another cookie. Press the cookie together on one end, such that it opens wide on the other end. To make eyes, cut marshmallows circles. Dip a toothpick in chocolate and put dots at the center of these marshmallows. With the help of chocolate ganache stick the eyes. For teeth, cut out small triangles and squares out of marshmallows and arrange them in the form of teeth on the open side of the sandwich, over the chocolate ganache. Ta-da! Monster cookies on the menu!  

Healthy twist:

Puffed rice or murmura make great spiky monster teeth

Manderin Spider 

Ditch the sugar-laden Halloween treats and create a healthy treat yourself. Pick three oranges. Peel them and place two oranges one below the other. Separate the wedges of the third orange and use them to make the legs of the spider. For eyes, use marshmallow circles with sliced black grapes for eyeballs and your scary-looking spider eyes are ready! Arrange them on the first orange. Spooky spider is ready to be served!

Healthy twist: 

You can replace the marshmallows with makhanas.

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Toothy-Alien Apples

Spread peanut butter or chocolate spread on apple slices. Line 1” cubed marshmallows over the slice and cover with another spread-covered slice. Take toothpicks and stick marshmallow balls on them. Poke two of these toothpicks on the apple-marshmallow sandwich. They should look like the protruding eyes of the aliens. Toothy alien apples are ready to be gorged on.

Healthy Twist:

Use murmura instead of marshmallows for spiky teeth

Vampire Sandwich

Serve breakfast Halloween style! Place a slice of bread on a plate. Cover it with thinly sliced zucchini stripes. Use half-moon shaped zucchini slices for ears and carrot roundels for eyes. For eyeballs and eyebrows, use black olives. Red bell pepper strips form the creepy smiles and two triangles of cheese can be used as the vampire's teeth. In the middle, place a pea for a nose. End your masterpiece by arranging a few pieces of chips in the shape of a hat.

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Owl Pancakes

Start Halloween early by giving your kid scary-looking owl pancakes for breakfast. Place a pancake and use two banana slices for eyes. Cut blueberries from the middle and place it on the banana for eyeballs. Use different shapes of orange for the nose and feet of the owl. Use green apple wedges for hands. Make a broom out of thin strips of orange peel and tie it together with strips of pineapple. Give the owl a hat by chopping a plum in different shapes. Serve with half an orange decorated like a Halloween pumpkin with the help of orange peel. 

Bat cheese Balls

Making these cute bat cheese balls is simple. All you need to do is fix two triangle-shaped chips on either side of the cheese ball, forming the bat wings. Choose two smaller triangles for the bat ears. Stick cheese stuffed olives for eyes. 

Green Spaghetti Monster

Make pesto spaghetti and top it with a beetroot tikki. Over it place a small slice of boiled potato, topped with a smaller piece of tomato and an even smaller piece of black olive. This completes the scary one-eyed monster. Add two pointy teeth made with the help of a cheese slice.

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Jack-o-lantern salad

Get your carving skills together for this one. Slice off the tops of coloured bell peppers and de-seed them. Carve out eyes and jagged mouth with the help of a pointy knife. Fill the hollow with greens of your choice like kale, spinach or lettuce. Add in chopped salad vegetables of your choice such as tomatoes, onions, boiled potatoes, beetroots, and some croutons for a crunch. Drizzle a little salad dressing of your choice and jack-o-lantern salad is ready to be handed out to your guests. You can shallow fry, bake or steam the bell peppers if you don't enjoy the raw taste.

Spider Webbed Mini Pizzas

Who doesn’t like a share of pizza? But Halloween calls for some creepy looking mini pizzas. Spread some pizza sauce on the bread. Arrange french fries in the shape of cobwebs. Place a black olive spider at the center of the cobweb and your Halloween special mini pizza is ready to be relished.


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