8 Times PeeCee Proved She Is The Ultimate Foodie

Priyanka Chopra’s recipe for happiness is quite simple – Food, food and more food. Don’t believe us? Here’s photographic evidence

Annabelle D’Costa

We have our own guilty indulgences and Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram feed is proof that like us, celebrities too are no different. Between shoots and red carpet events, Piggy Chops is busy celebrating life with food. While her love for all things oily and greasy is no secret, she never fails to deliver massive food cravings to anyone brave enough who’d want to scroll down through all the food porn that lies ahead. Fair warning, don’t blame us if the pictures below leave you feeling damn hungry. 

Before that, did you know that she can also throw down in the kitchen -- If you're reading this, we're already impressed, PeeCee!

This desi girl can cook Italian! PeeCee loves stepping foot into the kitchen from time to time and like a true millennial -- if you didn't gram it, it didn't happen -- she leaves no opportunity to show off her culinary handiwork on Instagram. Recently, she took some time off to indulge her inner wannabe chef while letting hubby Nick Jonas play sous chef. Her go-to speciality? Pasta. Oh, along with a glass of wine.  

Feasting on fast-food is probably not something you’d associate a top celebrity with – but here’s PeeCee with her squad showing us that they too can’t resist the charming effect of a juicy burger or some crunchy fries. Don’t be surprised if you happen to bump into Chopra at one of your favourite fast food chains someday!

Chopra doesn't let any opportunity slip by without showing us how pure her love for food is. This photo captioned, “Find yourself someone who looks at you the way I look at food!” says it all. 

Remember the time when PeeCee showed us “who the champ” when it comes to hot wings eating contest? While Jimmy Fallon struggled with a single hot wing, Chopra chomped down three, showing the world that we Indians take our love for spicy food seriously. 

Calories! That’s the first thought that may cross your mind if you’re probably someone trying to lose some weight. But really, who cares? You could always hit the gym later (or probably never), but saying no to this mouth-watering treat is just a big no-no. We agree with you PeeCee, travel or no travel, we’re always hungry if the menu includes these many options! 

PeeCee shows us the best way to welcome the weekend – snuggling in on movie night with these irresistible snacks. So change into your PJs, select the perfect movie and treat yourself to some chips and caviar, because there can’t be a better reason than the love for food to stay in on a Friday night. 

This picture has us wondering, how can Chopra be gorging on all these yummy foods and still manage to stay in great shape? Like how? 

Well, we now know the secret behind her hot bod and youthful skin – naariyal pani. 

Desi girl’s obsession for food is not limited to the table alone but extends to the kitchen as well. Giving us cooking inspiration, eh?


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