8 Hacks to Make the Most of Leftover Cake

Too much cake in the house? Turn leftover cake into a whole new dessert!

Annabelle D’Costa

Cake makes for a wonderful sweet treat that no one can ever seem to get enough of - except when your attempt at baking goes horribly wrong (we’ve all been there) or when there’s just a little too much for your tummy to take in. Whatever the reason, we’ve come up with some delicious hacks to help rescue cake leftovers rather than having them tossed. In fact, we dare say these are way more delicious than the original and will leave you wanting for more. You can easily store leftover cake in a sealable plastic bag and freeze it. This will be good to use for a few months so you can do multiple experiments with the below hacks.

Shake it Up

This one’s easy, making it the perfect opportunity to use up all those cake scraps after a baking session of trying new cake recipes. All you’ve got to do is simply crumble a small slice of cake, with the icing and buttercream, into a blender. To that, you could add a couple of scoops of your favourite ice cream, some Oreo biscuits and some milk or cream to thin. Blend, and in a few minutes, you’ll have a milkshake that’ll give you a sip of heaven. Go further still and make an over-the-top milkshake by topping it with a slice or a few crumbles of your leftover cake.

Raise a Toast

This one is best when you’ve got some leftover pound cake but no matter what cake recipes you have tried, you can use any type of cake at hand provided it's minimally frosted and not too moist. Even stale cake works great here. To turn your leftover cake into a French toast, brush it with some butter and pan-fry it. You can also put it into a sandwich press - a good option in case of a moist and crumbly cake. Top it off with some maple syrup, cream, ice-cream or caramel sauce.

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Take a Chill

Cake and ice cream make for a great combination that we don’t see ending anytime soon. All cake recipes will have you left with cake crumbs. To make your own homemade cake ice cream, simply fold in some crumbled cake into softened ice cream or simply use the crumbled cake as a topping on your scoop. For an even better twist, toast up the crumbs in an oven and use them as a crunchy ice cream topping.



Bake yourself some dreamy muffins and mean cakes by incorporating a few cups of cake crumbles along with the rest of the ingredients into your favourite muffin or cake recipes. Just make sure to decrease the amount of flour that the recipe initially called for or you’ll be faced with a crumbly cake. You could also add a layer of cake crumbs into a cake for an interesting surprise. Go a step further and decorate the outside of your frosted cake with some toasted cake crumbs or sprinkle a generous amount on top of a frosted cupcake or muffin.

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Life of Pie 

Pies, sweet or savoury, call for the use of crumb crusts and you can make your own pie crust using your leftover cake scraps. All you have to do is crumble up the leftover cake minus the frosting or icing and toast the crumbs in an oven. Then, toss some unsalted melted butter in a pan and press the toasted cake crumbs into the bottom of your pie pan. After baking your crust, proceed with a filling of your choice.

Trifle to the Rescue

Trifle is one of the most preferred uses for a leftover cake. All you need to do is start by neatly layering your glass with some fruit, followed by whatever other mix-ins of your choice like custard, ice cream and not to forget the crumbled cake bits. Repeat the layers until you reach the brim of the glass. Finish with a dollop of whipped cream. Ideally, a dry cake is best for this dessert as it can absorb the moisture and flavour of all the other ingredients, bringing together all the flavours and textures for an unforgettable dessert.

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Truffling Your Way

Don’t know what to do with your stale cake? Turn it into a truffle. Throw the cake scraps into a food processor and blend until they are evenly crumbled. Mix together with any liquid of your choice – be it heavy cream or chocolate sauce - little at a time, until the crumbs stick together. Roll into balls and refrigerate until firm. Dip these balls into choco chip or bar melts until fully coated. You could top with cake crumbs, sprinkles or chopped nuts. 

What’s cookie-ing?

Simply incorporate some crumbs into your cookie dough and bake as you would normally do. It’s best to work with contrasting flavours – for example, you could throw chocolate cake crumbs into a pumpkin or orange cookie mix. What’s best, nobody will know you used cake crumbs to flavour these cookies! Cake crumbs not only add a subtle flavour but also a welcome contrast to the texture, making your baked goodies even more irresistible.

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