8 Food Trends That Need to DIE

Can we retire these food fads, please?

Annabelle D’Costa

There are trends and then there are fads. The former is a positive innovation, while the latter is are trends with an extremely short lifespan. We’ve seen many fads come and go, from raindrop cakes to combination foods such as cronuts. But sometimes these trends become so pervasive that it feels like they've overstayed their welcome. Here’s a list of 9 food trends that we think need to take some rest:

We’re Not Nuts for Nut Milk

Not taking anything away from the vegan lifestyle and those who are lactose intolerant, we judge those who sip on a glass of soy milk latte, mislead by the belief that soy milk is their dose of daily health.

Did you know soy is high in lectins, which are classified as antinutrients, compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients? While almond milk, on the other hand, is only about 2% nut-based, which means it doesn’t even offer you the much-needed protein.  About time you nut milk fanatics get enlightened!

If you’d still like to give nut milk a try, here’s an easy-peasy almond milk recipe:
8 Food Trends That Need to DIE

Activated Charcoal Isn’t the New Black

From ice cream to desserts, activated charcoal pretty much turns everything it touches to black. The goth food trend aka food made with activated charcoal has gone on to become the next big thing in gastronomy. And, the best part, it’s not merely a social media gimmick! Activated charcoal or active carbon when consumed can help eliminate toxins from the body. Amongst its other benefits, it can also provide relief from gas and bloating and hangovers. We do buy the wellness part. But then food experts say that activated charcoal has nothing to do with food nutrition, it just cleanses the system and flushes out the chemicals and other wastes, something that your body already is qute capable of doing by itself!

Deconstructed Everything Sucks

Is there really a need to deconstruct a brownie or pani puri? What is wrong with a well-constructed dish served for our pleasure? One of the most pretentious trend, according to us, where eateries are competing with each other to put forth the best deconstructed plate.

The trouble, more often than not, is that deconstruction just leaves us confused about what was going on in the chef’s head, with the unnecessarily complicated mixing and matching. But when deconstructed correctly, it can truly elevate the dining experience—in our experience it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

OTT or Gigantic Anything Don’t Make Us Go Weak In The Knees

We’re unapologetic about our disdain for all the over-the-top garnishes, think freakshakes. Apart from the fact they look like an art project of a child on a sugar rush, it does scare us of our blood sugar levels!

Closely following freakshakes are super burgers, gigantic Xia Long Bao dumplings and other foods in the giant category. It’s a simple question: How do you eat these? These foods aren’t even the kinds you can share with others!

We’re Not in Unicorn Land

Rainbows, sprinkles, glitters and stars are what comprises of unicorn food trend. What are we? Seven? Everyone is fully aware that unicorns are mythical creatures.

Have you even considered the heavily dyed and chemical ingredients that these sprinkles and sparkles comprise? Food industry trying so hard to engage consumers; they’ve taken the phrase ‘eat a rainbow’ phrase a little too far.

Leave the Flowers and Microgreens Out

While, flowers have been part of our daily diets since time immemorial, but floral exoticism is bordering insanity. Think elderflower, pumpkin blossom, lavender and the most recent entry blue butterfly pea. Apart from aesthetic appeal on a plate these tiny blossoms don’t do much. Can we please leave flowers on a bouquet or in the garden and not on our plates?

In the same breath, we also have to mention our pet peeve for microgreens—perfect as garnishes not as a salad. Microgreens have become what paneer used to be for vegetarians in posh restaurants—a default dish that just looks pretty, is expensive and not enough sustenance. We would prefer a healthy adult size portion of spinach rather than microgreens that has more chances of getting stuck between our teeth without even making it into your tummy!   

Fancy Words That Literally Mean Nothing

Terms such as ‘hand-selected’, ‘artisanal, and ‘curated’ are strewn on menus. Take for example a ‘hand-picked’ selection of wines—the fact that you were able to systematically organise a wine list for your establishment implies that you’ve done the correct amount of hand-picking.

We can’t help but be wary of the hither-thither use of such vocabulary, mostly because years of experience and hard work goes into becoming an artisan producing one-of-a-kind product. These terminologies also mislead customers and diminishes the true value of products that are truly natural and artisanal.

We Can’t get ‘Bowl’ed Over

Acai bowls, smoothie bowls, Buddha bowls, well, bowl everything! The bowl trend has spread like a wildfire and we’re left scratching our heads as to why? We get convenience, but did it really deserve an appearance at the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

TBH, dessert bowls are nothing but sugar bombs while those smoothie and acai bowls tend to be extravagant with toppings; the calories count are opposite of the health they promise to offer. Other bowl foods—we’re looking at you burrito bowl and poke bowl—don’t serve much of a purpose other than encouraging us to eat our entire meal in just one dish. 

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