7 Smart Tricks to Remove Wine Stains

From clothes, carpets and even your teeth.


You are entertaining guests at home, or you are unwinding after a long day with some fine Merlot. Oops! Some wine spilled setting off alarm bells. While there are those who believe that this brings good luck, you will be the one scrubbing the stain off your pretty tablecloth, precious carpet, expensive sofa, or your brand new white linen shirt. Here are some tried-and-tested tricks to banish those stubborn red wine stains right away.

From Light-Coloured Fabrics

Gently dab the excess red wine with a paper towel. Be careful not to rub it in aggressively, as that will only help the stain spread wider and deeper. In a bowl, mix equal parts of your liquid dishwashing soap with hydrogen peroxide (works as a bleaching agent). Pour this cleaning solution on the red wine stain; allow it to soak. Then wash. Poof, it’s gone!

From Coloured Fabrics

Again, use a paper towel to gently dab the stain. Then, pour some white vinegar on the stain to neutralise the stain pigments. Immediately follow this up by rubbing in your regular clothes-washing liquid detergent. Wash in hot water.

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From Your Teeth

Sometimes that glass of merlot can stain your teeth red because the wine sticks to the plaque on your teeth. Although it’s intuitive to brush your teeth right away, but don’t! Because the wine’s acid may further erode your enamel. Instead, drink a glass of soda as its fizz will loosen the stain. Follow this up with a cube of cheese to fortify your enamel. No wonder wine and cheese are paired together!

From The Carpet 
After gently blotting the stain with a paper towel, cover it with plenty of salt. Be liberal with the salt and make sure to cover the whole stain. Allow time for the salt to soak into the wine stain and naturally dry to suck up the stain. The salt soaks up the stain like magic. Run your vacuum cleaner on the carpet and watch the ugly stain disappear.

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From The Tablecloth

Firmly hold the portion of the tablecloth with the wine stain over the sink—stretch it as it must be taut. Pour hot boiling water over the stain right through the tablecloth, from a height of at least a foot over the tablecloth. Works like a charm!

From The Sofa:
Pour some soda on the stain. Usually that should do the trick, but if you see that the stain has only faded, follow this up by liberally covering the stain with salt or some white vinegar—the residual wine should lift.

From The Wall
Immediately blot the stain with paper towels to prevent the wine from trickling down the length of the wall. Follow this up with a quick dab from a moist cloth. If the stain is still stubborn, then applying an equal solution of dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide on the stain using a clean dish towel will help. Let it rest for a few minutes before wiping it away with a wet paper towel first, and then dab the area dry.

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