7 Pro Tips To Shoot Food Pictures With A Phone

Master these tips to click drool-worthy food pictures


There was a time where eating with eyes first and then the mouth was the trend but in today’s generations it is eating with the camera lens first then the mouth comes. Food photography is almost a critical life skill in the age of Instagram. After all, what’s the point of ordering the house special or that yummy dessert if you can’t put it up on social media? But before you click that image, here are seven things you must consider to make your picture stand out.

  1. Lighting

This is the most important thing when it comes to photography. Always looks for a spot where there is ample light. The best photos come in natural lighting. There is no harm in moving the setup or the plate to another place if it helps with the lighting.

  1. Angle

Try taking the photo from different angles, this will not only give you options in selecting the best image but also at times avoid the harsh shadows. Do not be afraid of standing up and taking a photo from the top angle. You can stand up on the chair also and get that shot if need be.

  1. Props, if possible

When shooting at home, props can help to elevate an image and give it another dimension. Some props liven up the image. For eg., a cake-serving spoon and a cake stand while taking an image of the freshly dressed cake can enhance the food shot immensely. At times, rustic props also help and give add that vintage element.

  1. Focus on the main element

Let the food steal the show away. Focus on the main element in the frame and not the entire surrounding. A slightly blurred image looks pretty good at times. If you are taking a top angle photo, try clicking the half dish image as well i.e. the camera frame will only consist half or more than half of the dish. Trial and errors work the best.

  1. Less is more

Do not crowd the area around the food. Keep it simple with less elements—like a spoon alongside the smoothie bowl will just work. Let the food grab all the attention of peoples’ eyes when looking back at the image.

  1. Time

Take your time, the food is not going to run away anywhere (even though it might get cold). Keep the hand steady, relax and there you have it. The perfect shot.

  1. Settings

If your phone camera has the option for manual settings that gives you the liberty of choosing the ISO to aperture to shutter speed, try it out to get the shot you need. Play around with the settings like reducing the ISO and increasing the shutter speed and more. There is no harm in experimenting and learning from mistakes and errors.


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