7 Classic Trends To Give your Home a Festive Makeover

Rustic and sustainable are the buzzwords for 2019, says Catherine Trotman, Head – Home & Lifestyle, Fabindia

Shweta Vepa Vyas

From natural materials that exude eternal charm to locally-sourced products that reflect fine craftsmanship, sustainability has been shaping décor trends through 2019. For the upcoming festive season, glam up your home with these trends that add a vibrant and rustic touch to your home.

We spoke to Catherine Trotman, Head – Home & Lifestyle, Fabindia, who gave us a roundup of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2019. 

Keeping it earthy

The year 2019 has seen a move towards fresh, natural materials such as terracotta, wood and products made of natural fibres. These elements help bring an organic and serene ambience to any room or space. Just a simple earthen vase, mat and vibrant, colourful furnishing made with natural fibres are great options to decorate your home. The charm of classic wooden furniture is timeless, solid teak and reclaimed wood pieces instantly add a warm, earthy touch to your home.

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Be local, buy local

Local arts and crafts are making a comeback in home décor like never before. There is an increased shift towards products that are locally made to create unique environments and product designs.

For example, handmade earthen pots have distinct textures and shapes that cannot be replicated. No two pieces are alike and the imperfections owing to them being handmade are what give these products their inimitable charm and make them stand out.

From handcrafted furniture to handcrafted wall hangings and handcrafted table ware, make way for local artisanal products that reflect craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Say it with flowers

A classic trend that never fails to bring the fresh, vibrant outdoors inside the house, florals are not limited to wallpapers or to soft furnishings anymore. No longer relegated to the background, they can be used generously to decorate your space. For instance, lamps that include floral motifs and forms are a good option and bring in a sense of colour and vibrancy to your décor. Add a vase or urli of fresh flowers to enliven a boring corner or to your centre table to welcome your guests. Floral garlands or bouquets are another way to usher in the festive spirit in your home.

Go geometric

Geometric patterns that are bold and eye catching are a fun new trend to try. Colours tend to stand out with oversized patterns. Mix prints and patterns to make a bold statement this festive season. A chic and easy way to incorporate bold patterns into your home décor is by opting for furniture and furnishings with geometric patterns on it, think throws, rugs, table covers, or even wall hangings.

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Colour codes

Nothing spells festive better than bright, rich hues. Even if your room is muted with natural-hued furnishings and decorative pieces, bright metallic colours will instantly add zing to your home décor.

This festive season pick trendy colours such as dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows, and lush greens. Add a burst of colour via soft furnishings such as cushions in pop colours, bright curtains and bed linen in fun prints or solid textured fabrics. Vibrant upholstery on sofas, armchairs and even vivid sheer drapes can go a long way in making the living room feel bright and lively.

Opt for gilded metallic accessories such as photo frames, vases, wall décor, lamps to effortlessly brighten up your home décor.

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Go boho chic

Go bold and bright in your bedroom—opt for brighter duvets, bedsheets, quilts and pillows. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching colours, patterns and styles—you could land up with an exciting boho chic room! Think eclectic colours like green, purple, tangerine, citrus, turquoise and pinks in upholstery in myriad textures for an exuberant feel.

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Let there be light!

Lamps are a go-to accessory for all festive occasions. Brass lamps are a good choice if you want to add a hint of glamour in your home. Bright, printed lamps are a quirky way of adding a pop of colour. Invest in quality sheer fabrics and replace heavy draperies—sheer or lace curtains allow sunlight to stream in, keeping your space bright and refreshed. 

Images courtesy: Fabindia


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