7 Chrissy Teigen-Approved Baking Hacks to Tide You Through All Your Oven Woes

Admit it. You follow her for her tongue-in-cheek humour, but stay for the cooking tips.

Annabelle D’Costa

There are a lot of things we trust Chrissy Teigen’s advice for—from learning how to maximize our Instagram profiles to body positivity, you name it and she’s got it all under control.

And when Teigen’s not spending time with her family or roasting Donald Trump, the kitchen is where the model-turned-cookbook author spends most of her time. The title of her cookbooks,



Cravings: Hungry For More

, say it all. She’s also launched her website,

Cravings By Chrissy Teigen


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Teigen’s professional accomplishments are lofty but what is mind-boggling is how she is a hands-on mom to two kids—indeed all this multitasking comes with its fair share of challenges. It is exactly why most of Teigen’s cooking or baking hacks are to avoiding unnecessary steps, piling ingredients high, and working overtime in the kitchen.

Be it on her website or her own social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter, Teigen is always on a roll helping you jazz up daily meals. If you need any more convincing that Chrissy Teigen is the ultimate cooking muse, read on to discover some of her best baking hacks you'd be crazy not to try. These last-minute baking inspirations come just in time to help you pull off those Christmas sweets and desserts that you’ve been wanting to make but now are left only with a few days until Christmas. Put on your apron and baking hats, and welcome the holiday spirit with these sweet and speedy Christmas baking hacks:

1. Melt Butter Like Chrissy Teigen

Everything is better with butter, whether it’s a cake or as a carrier of aromatics and flavours. Teigen shared a video, which involves microwaving a measuring glass filled with water for two minutes, dumping the hot water out, and placing the warmed glass upside down on a stick of butter.

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Teigen credits this trick to FABLife, an American lifestyle panel talk show, which helped her master the nifty little hack. "Learned this little trick on @fablifeshow! How to soften, not melt, ya buttah," read her caption.

2. Shortcut Dessert Hack that Teigen Swears By

This baking hack is perfect for embellishing your Christmas cakes. The cookbook author’s foolproof dessert hack will make people go crazy. All you need is Frosted Flakes-streusel, which Teigen repurposes for her French Toast Casserole.

“Take a cup of Frosted Flakes, toss them in melted butter—not to get crazy soggy, just enough to coat them—and sprinkle it with salt, and you get this crazy delicious, salty-sweet topping,” she says. “I make a French toast recipe with rum, like a French toast casserole. You soak the bread overnight and in the morning you pop it in the oven with a Frosted Flakes, butter, and salt topping.”

This topping is also multi-purpose and can be used on just about anything – be it cookies or muffins. “We put it on top of coconut ice cream, and it's so good,” says Teigen.

3. Teigen’s DIY Recipe for Cake Batter Popcorn

Give the ‘ol butter popcorn a miss and follow Teigen’s instructions to elevate your movie-time snacking.
To make her cake batter popcorn, Teigen starts by melting down 10 white chocolate bars and stirs it with cake batter mix. Then, she pours the concoction on her popcorn and tosses it with her hands.

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To finish it off, she throws in some sprinkles. Insider tip: Teigen prefers buying Pillsbury cake batter mix instead of “those fancy organic Whole foods” stuff. She’s all about the real deal!

4. Teigen Likes it Sweet, and Here's How You can Too

It’s no secret that Teigen has a sweet tooth. Case in point: That time she got emotional from eating (what we assume to be) a pie. Or that time when she taught us the proper way to leave the store after buying dozens of doughnuts that you know you shouldn't have.

However, when it comes to adding a touch of sweetness to her home-baked treats, her DIY vanilla sugar is what she swears by—3 to 4 vanilla beans, splits them down the middle with a knife, with the seeds, scraped out and mixed with sugar results in a smooth, aromatic sweetener.

5. Why Teigen Wants you to Make the Oven Your BFF

If there’s just about anything you should be using to the max, it ought to be your oven. Christmas sweets and desserts aside, even when it comes to putting up a last-minute Christmas dinner or lunch table, your oven could be the saving grace. When you need to cook “more than just a few slices of bacon,” skipping the frying pan is one of Chrissy’s fave baking hack. Instead, a rimmed baking sheet and an oven preheated to 191°C could do the trick.

Besides, if holiday weight gain is something you’re trying to stay away from, Teigen recommends slicing up zucchini and coating it in panko breadcrumbs for guilt-free “fries”. Bacon in the oven? Dinner in the oven? Yes, please! Nobody better than Teigen knows that the oven can be a lazy cook’s best friend: all you’ve got to do is leave your foods in and allow them to cook in a blanket of heat.

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6. Make Banana Cake the Teigen Way

When working on her second cookbook, Cravings: Hungry for More, Chrissy was happy to chronicle her successes and failures on Twitter and Instagram.

Halfway through the making of banana cake, she realised she was out of brown bananas, which yields stickier, sweeter results.
 She, therefore, took to Twitter to crowdsource overripe bananas from her followers.

She wasn't letting anything stand in the way of her baking banana bread, so much that she was even willing to offer her husband John Legend's underwear for the trade. 

Teigen’s banana bread recipe made it into her second cookbook, where she revealed that it took a full year to perfect. The final outcome is a cake made with chocolate chips and shredded coconut, and in a Bundt pan.

Sharing her banana cake experiment, she says, “…But it turned out that putting the coconut inside left it with a subtle hint of sweet coconut goodness, vanilla pudding gave it a fluffy, moist texture I could never have imagined, and dark chocolate gave it a… I dunno, do I need to explain why putting in chocolate is a good thing?”

7. Chrissy Teigen and Her Love for Mini Pots

Just because you stay alone, doesn’t mean you deprive yourself of all things good. Creating single-serve desserts or baked goodies is as practical as it is fun. A set of mini cast-iron Dutch ovens is one of Chrissy Teigen’s favourite kitchen tools; she developed them in partnership with Target.

Teigen shows us how useful they’ve been when cooking for herself and her husband John Legend. Perfect for cooking, baking and serving entrees and desserts, mini pots are a must for all bakers in the making.

So, turn on the oven and get baking because your Christmas sweets and desserts won’t bake themselves! And don’t forget to do Chrissy proud by trying one of her recipes either from her two cookbooks or her website.

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