7 Apps to Ease Your Travel Woes

These apps will ensure you come back home with a smile after your vacation. Arm yourself with these essential travel apps

Annabelle D’Costa

A survey by Wyndham Vacation Rentals revealed that two in three vacationers suffer from stress caused due to 'information overload'. These holiday-planners are paralysed when faced with too many choices. Internet is overflowing with information and recommendations, the hitch with travel planning is that what comes across as a good plan for others, may not be the plan for you. It is also difficult to get a sense of what’s a great deal and what’s not. What was supposed to be a dream vacation ends up being a nightmare!

But technology can also be moulded according to your needs and requirements, take these travel apps for instance. So how about you take out the stress from trip planning and arm yourself with these travel essentials. From flight tickets to your stay, and everything in between, help is at hand or, in this case, on your phone.

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TripAdvisor is to travel what Google is to search. With 28 separate companies in its kitty, this travel aggregator encompasses every imaginable element of the travel experience—where to stay, what to do to, what to bring, how to get there, when to go, and whom you might meet along the way. The TripAdvisor app is optimised for mobile phones and tablets. It also lets you download offline city guides, allowing you to quickly finding spots nearby to stay, eat, play or simply sightsee. Make sure you go through the user reviews, to save yourself from any travel troubles.
Available for free on Android and iOS.

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Google Maps

By far one of the most trusted map app with turn-by-turn navigation, Google Maps is nothing short of a lifesaver, especially when you are hopelessly lost. From offering satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets to real-time traffic conditions, and route planning whether be it on foot, car, bicycle, air, or even public transportation, Google Maps never fails you. What’s best, you can use the offline Maps feature—you need to download a map while exploring an unknown city or town with questionable data service. Handy hint: Pin all the places you want to visit on the map and then download. The app also provides information on speed limits and speed traps, a feature that comes in handy especially when driving along an unfamiliar road.

Available for free on Android and iOS.

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With Headout, you will have no fear of missing out on fun tours, activities and experiences in a new city. The app breaks down these experiences into various categories for easy access and even has recommendations. Do not miss the last-minute tickets for events that you can book at the best possible prices. The app ties up with local businesses to help you find experiences in real-time and directly book them at the last minute.
Available for free on Android and iOS.

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Make it easy for worried parents to stay updated about your whereabouts with Glympse. The app lets you share your location with family and friends, making it easy to keep them abreast of your movements and even letting them track you en route. While messaging app WhatsApp has a similar feature, Glympse, an app also available for Indian users, is a step ahead since it also allows you to share your location on any social networking site, via messages or emails. Furthermore, the app also lets you add information, such as the duration of your stay. The integration with various social media platforms allows you to share the progress of your journey with your followers if you choose to do so.
Available for free on Android and iOS.

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Nothing is worse than the urgency of needing a bathroom and not being able to find one. Be it during a road trip, or when in a city with a different language, there are times when you just can’t ‘hold it’. Enter Flush, an app highly recommended for female travellers. This app displays the nearest toilets/restrooms anywhere around the world, including India, along with directions to help you get there. It will also tell you if there is a fee to use the loo. The information about the nearest loo is gathered by a crowdsourcing setup and Flush is constantly expanding its network. What’s best, the app also works even without an internet connection.
Available for free on Android and iOS.


Revolutionising the way we find places to stay, Airbnb has become the go-to alternative to hotel stays. The app has become a household name to book your ideal holiday home by offering cheaper prices and enjoy an authentic experience with a local in their home. From helping you book last-minute vacation homes to sharing exciting experiences around you, this all-in-one travel app is all you need for your next travel.  
Available for free on Android and iOS.

Google Translate

Google Translate has over 103 languages built in, that itself gives the app an advantage over other translation apps. The app also provides text-to-speech and voice-to-voice translation. What’s more, the app’s camera translation feature helps you translate text in up to 38 languages. The apps Handwriting feature helps you draw characters instead of using the keyboard in up to 93 languages. You can also translate offline in selective language pairs and avoid high data costs, courtesy of the Phrasebook feature. Did we mention it is the easiest and the cheapest way to get rudimentary knowledge of a new language?
Available for download on Android and iOS. 

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