6 Ways To Rescue Leftover Pulao

Instead of eating leftover pulao the same way, you could convert it into something much more appetizing. Visit LivingFoodz.com for more.

It’s a familiar story in many households. When short on time, the easy to make pulao recipe may be your best friend but after dinner’s done, the leftover pulao is stashed away in the refrigerator. A few days later, you still find the pulao sitting in your fridge. With no one in the mood for pulao recipe anymore, you will probably be forced to throw it away. Before you do that, why not give the leftover pulao a new avatar? There’s so much more you could do with pulao recipe other than re-heating and having it the same way again. Here are five smart ways to help you use every bit of your leftover pulao.

Pulao Cutlets

All you need to do is blend your leftover pulao (Check out Nariyal Malai Pulao Recipe) in a mixer or mash the pulao using your hands. To this, add more veggies or spices of your choice and convert them into small balls so as to resemble cutlets. You might want to go easy on the veggies and seasoning in case your pulao recipe already has enough of them. However, you could throw in a few breadcrumbs, to make a tight batter. Coat your pulao cutlets with either rava or cornflour or you could skip this step and directly move on to baking or deep-fry them. These piping hot pulao cutlets taste best when served alongside some sauce or chutney.

Pulao Paratha

Parathas not only make for an on-the-go breakfast option but are also healthy and can be enjoyed with almost anything from sabzis to dals and eggs. Versatile that they are, you can also stuff them with a number of fillings including your leftover pulao (Try this Punjabi Style Sabzi Recipe). Simply add the leftover pulao to your atta and knead to form a dough. You could also add a few spices to give your parathas a little boost. Make medium-sized balls and roll into chapatis. Fry on both sides as you would normally do. Healthy pulao parathas are ready to eat!

Pulao Pakoras

Rain or no rain, crispy pakoras or fried fitters still make for a good evening snack. While you can enjoy pakoras with almost any veggie, you could also get a bit more experimental and throw in your leftover pulao (Gosht Korme Ka Pulao Recipe to try at home) into the pakora mixture. After adding spices of your choice, roll the mixture into small balls and then deep fry or bake. Enjoy garama garam pulao pakoras with a hot cup of chai or coffee.

As stuffing

You can use your leftover pulao recipe as a stuffing for vegetables like peppers, eggplants, squash and potatoes. These are sure to leave everyone guessing what’s on the inside. You could either blend your leftover pulao in a blender or use your hands to get the job done. Add finely chopped veggies and other spices as per your taste and stuff your veggies with this pulao filling. You could also skip the spices and throw in some dry fruits like dates, cashew nuts or raisins instead to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. Bake or grill your stuffed veggies and enjoy as an appetizer or side dish.

Pulao Pancakes

Pulao pancakes are a great way to convert your leftover pulao recipe (Try this Semiyaan Pulav) into a healthy breakfast or evening snack. Savoury or sweet, you could make your pulao pancakes the way you’d like them. For sweet one, you could add in some grated coconut and jaggery or throw in some ground dry fruits. You could also add in some flavourings like cinnamon and vanilla. For savoury ones, mix your rice with an egg to hold everything together and throw in some veggies. Cook on a pan or a waffle iron and thank us later.

Pulao Salad

Salads are the easiest solution at times when you are left with heaps of leftover pulao. Simply add in some more veggies of your choice to your leftover pulao recipe along with cooked meat and finally top with some nuts for an added dose of health. Instead of using ready-to-use salad dressings, you could give these salad dressing recipes a try. A healthy and easy way to be eating leftover pulao. 

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