6 Simple Yet Scrumptious Indian Breakfast Options to Start Your Day

With such healthy and easy to make ideas, you’ll never want to skip breakfast again

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If you are the wake-up and smell the coffee kinda person,’ you most definitely need a quick, no-frills bite to give your day a jump start. If crappy granola bar or a fistful of cereal dunked in cold milk is not your thing, we suggest easy and yummy breakfast options that you can whip up in a jiffy and also put a warm smile on your face. Studies suggest that what you eat for breakfast, sets the tone for the rest of the day, which is why it’s important that you get your first and the most important meal of the day right. Yes, with hurried mornings, this might just be wishful thinking, so here’s a list of healthy and tasty breakfast options that will help you power through the rest of the day. Put on your aprons and get cooking!


Light, fluffy and warm, idlis or rice cakes have travelled the distance from south to become the most popular savoury breakfast option in most homes in India. Prepared from fermented rice and urad dal batter, you can now make newer variants of idlis that pack a punch with both, flavour and nutrition. From this Brown Rice and Urad Dal Idli recipe to Idli with Mushroom Cheese Toppings, you can get as creative as you can, once you’ve got your idli batter in place. The best part, a 20 gm idli has just 39 calories, which means an average person can eat about 52 idlis to meet the daily calorie requirement, which means idlis all day, every day!


Idlis taste even better when served alongside sambar or chutneys, (Try this Date Chutney Recipe) so make sure you’ve already got an assortment of options to go along with your idlis.


While this Gujarati delicacy makes for a great snack, it is also a wonderful breakfast option. Traditionally made using gram flour, you could sneak in various dals and veggies to up the nutrition quotient when serving it for breakfast. To add a colourful spin to your morning breakfast, give this beetroot dhokla recipe a try. If feeding your kids with vegetables is a constant challenge, you could substitute the green peas in this healthy dhokla recipe with any other veggies of your choice, and get your kids to eat healthy dhokla without them even knowing. If you think making the dhokla batter is too time-consuming, you could prepare the batter at night and make your morning breakfast routine stress free.


While north India is known to be particularly fixated with this traditional flatbread, there is no denying that chapati is relished in almost every second household. Typically made using wheat flour and then roasted or fried on a tava, you can get a little experimental and take your chapati game to the next level. Substitute your wheat flour with different flours such as ragi, jowar, bajra, etc. You can even mix all of them and throw in some spices and make savoury or sweet versions of chapatis. Make them more wholesome by stuffing your chapatis with veggies of your choice or even leftover sabjis. Make your breakfast a healthy affair by trying this chapati recipe made using rice flour or this chapati recipe made using wheat flour.

Masala Dosa

Akin to savoury crepes, another healthy Indian breakfast option that’s made all throughout the country, but specifically in the south, is masala dosa. Even though you can prepare dosas with the same idli batter, dosas are considered as an indulgent alternative in comparison to their steamed counterpart. You could also substitute the basic potato filling with other veggies or even sprouts for an even healthier treat. Tip: To make crispy dosas, be generous with the amount of butter, oil or ghee that you use on the tava. The more, the better! Try this ragi dosa recipe to kick-start your day on a healthier note. On busier mornings, you could try out this instant dosa recipe to help you get through the day feeling energetic.


Dosa’s cousin, uttapam, is nothing but a thicker version of the popular south Indian breakfast that’s topped with delicious veggies. To make healthy uttapams, you can either throw in veggies of your choice in your existing dosa batter or add them while your dosa is sitting on the pan. To get you started here’s an easy vegetarian uttapam recipe that takes no more than 30 minutes to prepare. If you’re looking to step up your breakfast game, you could give this suji uttapam recipe a try.

Masala Chai

No breakfast ritual is complete without a hot cup of chai or coffee. If you’re a chai person, you could give your regular chai a boost by enhancing it with the goodness of ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon and even black pepper. These spices will not only lift your senses and help you get out of slumber, but also promise a host of health benefits such as improving digestion, boosting immunity and metabolism. (Read about the health benefits of ginger tea here). Here’s how you can make your very own cup of masala chai.

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