6 Quick and Easy Lunch Recipes To Prepare Under 20 Minutes

Preparing lunch on your own doesn’t have to be time consuming

Home cooked meals are both healthy and cost efficient, but thanks to our on-the-go lives it is difficult to dedicate time for cooking. But meals at home don’t have to be cumbersome and time consuming. Satisfying meals can easily be made in under 20 minutes, here is a list of lunch recipes to get you started. 

Veggie Rice Mash
Give mashed potatoes a break and give this healthy and nutritious vegetable, lentil, and rice mash a try. A recipe by Aditi Govitrikar, this includes cauliflower, green peas, moong dal, and rice. Oh, and did we mention, a generous amount of ghee?  


If you’re attempting the recipe in the monsoons, experts suggest you wash the cauliflower thoroughly in warm water and salt before using it. Also, carefully look through the florets for worms. 

Raisin Ginger Surmai Steak
Looking for something healthy for lunch? Here’s a quick and simple grilled fish recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani. The star of this steak is the marinade—a  blend of raisins, ginger, green chillies, honey, basil leaves, chives, salt, lemon juice, and olive oil. If you have extra marinade on your hands after this recipe, refrigerate it for future use. 


Ratatouille-style Grilled Vegetables
Now here’s a dish that’s as pleasing to the eyes as it is to our taste buds. Inspired by the rustic but classic French stew, Ratatouille, this grilled veggies dish is best eaten with toasted bread. 


Mushroom Takatak
Gurdip Kohli Punj’s Mushroom Takatak is perfect for people who can’t do without Indian flavours in their lives. As a stand-alone dish, a naan, roti, or a bowl of rice is the best accompaniment. If you’re in the mood for experiments, roll the yummy mushroom dish in a roti or naan and serve with a side of an easy salad.


Bombay-style Cheesy Akuri 
Who said Akuri is only meant for breakfast? Ask Chef Sabyasachi Gorai and he’ll tell you otherwise. Here is his version of the classic Parsi-style scrambled eggs featuring loads of grated cheese. 


Tort Food
Now this is what we call a high on protein dish! Punj’s Tort Food contains tofu, egg whites, and some crunchy veggies to add texture to the recipe. The highlight of this recipe is the two-ingredient dip made using mustard sauce and oil.


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