6 New Indie Tracks To Help You Beat The Covid-19 Blues

Put on your headphones and get grooving.

Suman Mahfuz Quazi

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was right about the power of music when he said: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

From break-ups to global pandemics, music has helped heal many hearts. In fact, in 2013, a study released by the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that “music listening impacted the psychobiological stress system” and has stress-reducing effects. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping us restricted to our homes in self-quarantine and the 21-day lockdown being extended, music looks like the only pacifier to soothe our anxious nerves and the rising stress levels. 

Fans of music, who are always hungry for new album releases, are in luck with a bunch of indie artistes coming forward to help entertain their audiences while they find their feet around being at home. Some have even gone ahead and preponed their album release. Elaborating on this, Soutrik Chakraborty, the frontman of the 5-piece dream-pop band, Fox in The Garden, who rescheduled the release of their summery album, Sunny Boy, says, “I honestly feel that people need the arts now. It has the power to help you shoulder your burdens, make your heart lighter
and clear your head, and hence we decided to launch Sunny Boy during the lockdown.”

But Chakraborty isn’t alone. Popular indie singer-songwriter, Raghav Meattle – who just dropped a single called, City Life, a sepia-tinted, soothing track, says, “I think it was a perfect time to release the video because the song is about telling people to stop and take notice of what’s going on with our cities, which we don't get to do usually. This lockdown is probably the best time for people to reflect on their actions.”

Scroll down to discover some of the newly launched albums and songs. 

Sunny Boy by Fox in the Garden

(From left) Ishaan Lal, Shalom Benjamin, Utkarsh Agarwal, Soutrik Chakraborty and Avinash Chordia

Sunny Boy is a 5-track album by Fox In The Garden, which apart from Chakraborty, also features Utkarsh Jaiswal on the guitars, Shalom Benjamin on bass, Ishaan Lal on keys and now an ex-member, Avinash Chordia on drums. The debut album has the feel of an imaginative scrapbook and the sound is heavily influenced by that of indie-rock artistes like, Tame Impala, The Strokes, Boy Pablo, Mac Demarco and Parcels. The songs, part transcendental and part dreamy, talk about Chakraborty’s wish to visit Japan and his made-up imagery of Goa, considering he hadn’t visited the summer state until after writing the song. 

Available on: Google Play Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Bandcamp 

Phase by Lojal

Alternative hip-hop, electronic, soul and R&B artiste Martin J. Haokip, better known as Lojal (pronounced as Loyaal) was due to launch his album at a gig in Mumbai on March 15, which unfortunately got canned because to the 21-day lockdown. His debut album, Phase, which he dropped in collaboration with an artiste collective called Maaya Sound, is an offering with a narrative and songs that combine hard-hitting lyrics with easy, down-tempo beats. 

Available on: Spotify, Youtube, Google Play Music, Soundcloud  

City Life by Raghav Meattle 

City Life by Raghav Meattle is a new single, which talks about the simple pleasures of city life. With country-and-folk influences coupled, the track evokes the same feeling you get while boarding a Mumbai local. The existential dilemma captured by the lyrics is conveyed beautifully through the song’s video, which has been shot on film. It takes you through the seeming drudgery of life in Mumbai juxtaposed with the ever-lasting desire of wanting more.

Available on: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Google Play Music 

Vilay by Pull

“You’ll always be drawn to your calling,” is the adage that forms the core of the band, Pull. The Hindi rock band comprising six members describes their content as “philosophical with eclectic influences from around the world, but with eastern sensibilities.” Their new song, Vilay has a fresh and modern vibe, with Indian folk influences. “It’s also far more production-oriented, bringing in elements of electronic music that the band hadn't incorporated in their earlier songs,” reveals Sujan Sengupta, the guitarist and producer for the band.

Available on: Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google Play Music and Saavn 

Rebirth by Komorebi

Among India’s electronica artistes, Komorebi is perhaps one of the most well-known. In her new single, which also came out with a video, she sheds her dreamy-electronic avatar for one that is more tenebrous. Her new sound comes through in the song, which is befittingly called Rebirth and employs Indian influences. 

Available on: Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and Google Play Music 

Sleep by aswekeepsearching 

“We were actually planning to release it a bit earlier, but the time that the mix and artwork got ready, Covid-19 was hitting the world. But that gave us more time to work on it, though and now, we’re releasing it on April 17,” says Sambit Chatterjee, drummer for the ambient, post-rock band. Titled Sleep, the 8-track album promises to bring you peace and help deal with the mess around us with its unique, tranquil sound, given that it has been designed to offer release from the burgeoning pressures of life. Tracing the album’s genesis to vocalist Udippan Sarmah discovering that he has anxiety, Chatterjee says, about Sleep’s ethos, “We wanted people to be able to play the music and go to sleep. We’re constantly surrounded by so much noise and it’s important to find release.”

Available on: Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Spotify and Google Play Music 

Banner Image: aswekeepsearching
Inside images: Fox in The Garden, Raghav Meattle, Komorebi, Pull and Lojal 


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