6 Irresistible Sindhi Dishes The World Must Acknowledge Right Now!

We’ve compiled the best recipes of this little-known cuisine.

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If you’ve ever eaten Sindhi food, then you will agree that more people need to know and try the delicious food dished out of Sindhi kitchens. However, if you haven’t, then this list can introduce you to a whole new palate of flavour and taste that is still waiting to be discovered. Think dals, curries, and rice preparations influenced from the Mughal, Sikh, Rajput, and Arab culinary cultures.

Dal Pakwan

One cannot talk about Sindhi cuisine without the mention of its popular dish—dal pakwan. A breakfast staple in Sindhi households, especially during weekends, this is a preparation of chana dal (Bengal gram) that is seasoned with cumin seeds, ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, red chilli powder, chopped green chilli, and a pinch of dry mango powder. It is served with a deliciously crisp, deep-fried flatbread (not to be confused with puris) and topped with finely chopped red onions, a sweet and tangy chutney, and green chutney. In case, you don’t have the chutneys readily available, you can serve dal pakwan with a sprinkle of red chilli powder and dry mango powder. Not many know, but dal pakwan holds an important place in Sindhi weddings too.

6 Irresistible Sindhi Dishes The World Must Acknowledge Right Now!

Sindhi Kadhi

Another dish that Sindhis swear by is kadhi. Unlike the Gujarati and Punjabi kadhi, Sindhi Ladhi is spicy, tangy and loaded with veggies! The base of kadhi is made using besan or gram flour while tamarind lends the perfect tanginess to the dish. A few popular accompaniments that go well with this much-loved and comforting Sindhi dish are crispy aloo tuk (fried smashed potatoes seasoned with chilli powder, salt, and chaat masala), sweet boondi, and a bowl of steamed rice.

There are many versions of the humble Sindhi kadhi. While LF expert Rakhee Vaswani’s recipe features tamarind, chef Ajay Chopra prefers his kadhi with tomato puree instead of the former souring agent. Check out Chef Chopra’s recipe of the Sindhi kadhi.

Saibhaji and Bugga Chawal
‘Sai’ in Sindhi means green and ‘bhaji’, vegetables, making this dish a healthy and wholesome one. Saibhaji is a Sindhi dish where dal is loaded with spices and seasonal vegetables (including green leafy ones). The simple flavours of this dish are further enhanced with an aromatic tempering of ghee and garlic and is served with bugga chawal.

Wondering what’s bugga chawal? Well, it’s a fragrant Sindhi rice preparation with ghee, onions and whole spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf, and cloves. In addition to these, spices such as red chilli powder, turmeric powder, cumin seeds, and salt are added to bugga chawal.

Thoomwari Macchi
Sindhi cuisine isn’t limited to just vegetarian food, the community is known for its love for fresh water fish. Thoomwari macchi, a delicious and light fish curry, is a great example. To make this, fish fillets are first marinated in a simple masala mix of turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder with salt and oil. The fillets are later shallow fried and added to a gravy made with tomato puree, fresh fenugreek leaves, and garlic. Relish thoomwari macchi with hot rotis or steamed rice.

6 Irresistible Sindhi Dishes The World Must Acknowledge Right Now!

Sev Barfi

Sev barfi, also known as Singhar ji mithai, is a part of Sindhi weddings and festivities. The delectable dessert is made with milk, unsweetened khoya, sev and saffron. Once ready, the sev barfi is usually garnished with vark (edible silver leaf). Sev barfi is extremely easy to make and hence, makes for a go-to dessert for amateur cooks.

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