6 Bollywood Stars Who Love Vada Pav

From Varun Dhawan to Vidya Balan and everyone in between


You would be hard-pressed to name a dish more ubiquitous to Mumbai than Vada Pav. Its patrons include not just the common man but also celebrities who love to bite into the city’s staple dish from time to time. The spicy dish often satiates the taste buds of our stars when they are busy shooting especially in the monsoons. Here are six celebs on their love for Vada Pav.

Vidya Balan: “During my college days I would frequently visit Aradhana in Chembur. We used to have a lot of Misal there and a lot of other Maharashtrian fare served there. I have also eaten Vada Pav at the famous Vada Pav stall close to Chembur post office. He was so famous that he set up a huge Vada Pav centre later and bought a car for himself. I visit him whenever I go to Chembur even today.”

Preity Zinta: The actress loves the desi version of fast food and is often seen near Mithibai College near Juhu that serves one of the best Vada Pavs. The actress often says, “I cannot understand why roadside food tastes so good. I simply love the Vada Pav, but can’t have too much of it because I have to take care of my health.”

Fawad Khan: The Pakistani actor is definitely a fan of Indian cuisine. Speaking about his love for dishes from Maharashtra, Fawad says, “I love Indian food that is similar to our food. I have tasted Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji here and it was awesome.”

Ranbir Kapoor: The actor says that during film shoots in Mumbai he often has Vada Pav with tea as an evening snack. “It’s the best fast food of Mumbai that we have grown up on since our college days. Even during the shoot of Rockstar, we would make Imtiaz Ali sit on the floor with us and have Vada Pav.”

Javed Jaffrey: “Vada Pav was our staple diet when we were in college and couldn’t afford to go to restaurants. As students, Vada Pav was cheap and affordable. Now I have become more fitness conscious but do have a Vada Pav occasionally.

Varun Dhawan: I simply love Vada Pav. When I was in college I used to have it outside Mithibai College but now it’s impossible to go out in the crowds. I still enjoy the Vada Pav there. I send my driver to pick it up from there and have it in the confines of my car. However, it’s not as much fun as having it with friends there.


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